Pit Bull Attacks, Kills Child in Atlanta, Another Injured

January 17, 2017 Updated: January 17, 2017

Pit bulls attacked and killed a child in Atlanta and injured other children, according to local reports.

They were walking to school in southwestern Atlanta when three dogs lunged at them, witnesses said. Two other children were hospitalized with injuries.

“The injuries are very severe. One of the kids is deceased; the others are being evaluated at this time,” an Atlanta police spokesman was quoted by WSB-TV as saying.

“I knew it had to something serious because this is the time the kids go to school,” local Shamonte Clayton said, 11 Alive reported. “She had been mauled and bitten up really badly,” he said, saying he ran outside and noticed a girl who was hurt.

“The mother was standing there screaming. She couldn’t pick the child up, so I picked his body up and carried him to the ambulance,” he told the broadcaster.

He said that the dogs were spotted roaming the neighborhood in the past.

hey frequent the neighborhood a lot…they haven’t been aggressive in the past,” he said. “Why are you letting two full grown pit bulls roam this neighborhood freely when the neighborhood is full of elementary school aged kids,” Clayton said, referring to the owner.

Sgt. Warren Pickard told WSB-TV that one dog was shot by officers, and it reported that the owner was taken into custody.