Pinterest Announces New ‘Interests’ Section to Explore

Pinterest this week said that it’s going to change its “Interests” page that will highlight items that match a user’s own tastes.

The “Interests” will allow users to find stuff thats geared toward Pins one already likes.

“For example, if you’re curious about traveling, more travel Pins is a good place to start. If you’re really into something specific like travel in New York City, we’ll show you some great Pins we think you may like,” the company said in a blog post.

It adds: “Before today, all the billions of Pins on Pinterest were organized into just a handful of broad categories. So if you were browsing for ideas for your yard, you had to go somewhere like ‘Gardening’ and sift through all the Pins. If you’ve collected lots of Pins that show climbing plants and wall ferns, your interests page might recommend vertical gardens for you to check out.”

The page will adapt to the user’s tastes over time, the company also said.