Pig Suddenly Loses Use of Hind Legs, but Owner Has an Ingenious Solution

March 20, 2019 Updated: March 20, 2019

A video has surfaced online of a pig called Roland and his heart-warming journey back to health after developing a nasty illness in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

In the video, we see Roland the Texas pig struggle to move after developing a crippling condition called Dippity Pig Syndrome, that left his hind legs paralyzed. Dippity Pig Syndrome is a skin condition more commonly referred to as bleeding back syndrome and the severity of the illness in Roland was to such an extent that the poor creature could barely walk.

As the video progresses, we hear the voice of Roland’s emotional owner, Lester Morrow, explain that Roland can no longer move his back legs at all and we see the poor pig drag the stumpy limbs behind him as he tries to move around the farm he calls his home.

But Lester wanted to save Roland rather than see him put down. So with hope and a good degree of determination, he helped the poor pig get back on his feet by using a makeshift sling created from a scarf that lifted and supported his back end while allowing him to move more easily. Slowly but surely as the video progresses, we see Roland’s strength returning and his legs start to not only move but bear his own weight too.

A jubilant Morrow can be heard urging the animal on with words of encouragement like, “Don’t you quit on me Roland,” and the video ends with Roland walking without aid into the barn just a week after the illness had taken hold and left him unable to take even one step.

Video Credit: Newsflare