Photos Show Large Hole in the Side of Daallo Jet A321 After Explosion

February 2, 2016 Updated: February 2, 2016

A Daallo Airlines Airbus carrying 74 passengers was taking off from the airport in Mogadishu, Somalia when an explosion in the passenger’s area blew a large hole in the side of the aircraft.

The flight crew then landed the plane at the same airport 20 minutes after takeoff, the Aviation Herald reports. There was a large hole in the fuselage above the right wing.

Three people were taken to the hospital for injuries. Some passengers said they saw someone fall out of the plane during the incident, but this has not yet been confirmed.

The suspected cause of the explosion is an oxygen tank, and the case is currently under investigations.

One passenger reported seeing a person being blown out of the aircraft, while local residents say that they saw a burnt body fall out of the sky about 25 miles outside of Mogadishu.

Daalloo CEO Mohammed Ibrahim Yassin was unable to confirm that all 74 passengers disembarked safely, according to Forbes.

“The passengers were panicking and then nobody is sure, but we will know things by tomorrow,” Yassin told Forbes.

According to, the Somalia-based Daalloo is the 8th most dangerous airline in the world.