Pictures: Dead Rat Ruins Chinese Wedding Feast

February 17, 2016 Updated: February 17, 2016

On Feb. 14, a wedding guest in southwestern China was served what should have been beef braised in soy sauce, only to find that a whole rat carcass had found its way into the meal.

Photos taken at the Badawan hotel in Chongqing city show people backing off from the barely-touched meal and leaving the scene. A sanitation official told Chongqing Daily News that the rodent may have fallen into the pot and drowned when the food was being prepared on Feb. 13.

The beef dish containing a dead rat. (Sina Weibo)
The beef dish containing a dead rat. (Sina Weibo)

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People remove themselves from the scene. (Sina Weibo)

Municipal officials say that the beef dish was prepared without any covering, which may have enticed the rat into attempting to eat it. Hotel staff said the boss could not be reached because his phone was turned off.

There has yet to be any talk of compensation, Chongqing Daily News reports.