Photo of 6 Dogs ‘Guarding’ Hospital Door Goes Viral for One Incredible Reason

By Daksha Devnani, Epoch Times
May 30, 2019 Updated: June 6, 2019

Loyalty is a natural and inherent trait in dogs, and thus they are rightly termed as a man’s faithful friend. Some of them are so devoted that they often refuse to leave their owner’s side come what may. A similar sight was witnessed in Brazil when a homeless man was taken to the hospital. The six pooches that live with him on the street refused to leave his side, quite literally.

In early January 2019, a man named Luiz, in Cianor, was rushed to Santa Casa Hospital after he suffered from a stroke. According to the local newspaper G1, the six dogs followed the ambulance miles to the hospital and stayed outside by the door patiently, waiting and howling while the street dweller was taken in for treatment.

Posted by Amigos de Patas Cianorte on Thursday, January 3, 2019

Witnessing this heart-melting sight, people called volunteers from Amigos de Patas Cianorte, an NGO, to the hospital to look after these faithful dogs, according to The Dodo.

Simone Zilane, one of the volunteers with Amigos de Patas Cianorte, told G1, “The dogs were desperate.”

She further added: “They followed the ambulance, racing after it down the roads and arrived just as Luis was being taken into the hospital. They went mad as they took him and howled non-stop at the entrance.”

Through the night, they lay down, upset, and waited by the pavement for Luiz to return. However, the next morning when he was discharged from the hospital, the dogs couldn’t see him, as he exited with his brother through another door.

They had no idea the dogs had stayed put by the entrance door and hadn’t left.

Zilane said: “One of the volunteers from the NGO had to fetch Luiz at his brother’s house and take him to where the dogs were for them to leave the front.”

Now that’s what true loyalty looks like.

Luiz suffers from psychiatric problems and has been living rough for around 20 years now. Several attempts by charities and family members to find him housing have been fruitless as he refuses to leave the streets and prefers to stay with his pack of six loyal pooches.

Posted by Amigos de Patas Cianorte on Thursday, January 3, 2019

“We rented a very simple house for him a while ago, with a big yard for the dogs, but he did not accept or enter the house,” Zilane said. “He said that his house is the street.”

Not only has he always shown unconditional love to these dogs, but even they have time and again been there for him. The pack of dogs was once taken to a kennel that a volunteer at the NGO runs, but they just jumped off the wall and went back to Luiz.

The night Luiz was taken to the hospital, Amigos de Patas Cianorte took to Facebook and posted several pictures of the pooches lying by the pavement and wrote, “He lives with his pals and treats them very well, he shares everything with them.”

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Posted by Amigos de Patas Cianorte on Thursday, January 3, 2019

They further added: “That night he had a stroke … his friends of paws accompanied him and they stayed [crying] from the outside. There they remain in vigil. I’m sure just like me you felt something you can’t describe.”

According to reports, after the hospital visit, the street dweller took a shower and accepted a plate of food.

The dogs further were vaccinated, neutered, dewormed, and chipped.

Zilane also shared that Luiz did not continue staying with his brother but instead went back to live on the streets with his six dogs.

The dogs indeed had his back throughout; this is the sight of unconditional love.

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