Pet Owner Asks Burglar to Return Photos of Dog’s Last Day in Heartbreaking Note

June 1, 2019 Updated: June 1, 2019

A pet owner in Canada is desperately begging a man who stole the person’s camera during a robbery to return the memory card as it contains invaluable memories of their dog’s last day alive.

Saoirse Morgan saw the note written by the unknown pet owner and decided to help the person out. She snapped a photo of the note that was stuck on a lamp post and posted it to Facebook, which quickly garnered a great amount of attention.

“To the man who was in my house and robbed me,” the note read.

“Keep the cash, and my DSLR, and whatever else you took. But if you have the memory card from the camera, please, it has photos of my dog’s last day alive on it.

“I cannot replace those photos. Please throw it on to the porch or put it in the mail slot. Or mail it.

“Please. She died a few days ago. I cannot lose those photos as well.”

The note included a phone number at the bottom as well.

People on social media were touched by the note and have proactively shared the photo, hoping that the thief will do the right thing. As of June 1, the post has over 26,000 reactions and 36,000 shares.

Stolen Skateboard

In a similar story, a Nebraska man wrote a touching note to a thief who had stolen his skateboard from his van to ask the person to return it to him.

The 37-year-old designer and event producer, who did not identify himself, had the board stolen when somebody broke into his van in 2017. The van had tinted back windows and the board was under a blanket in the back.

Along with the board, the thief also took a bowler hat from the dashboard and goggles used to watch a solar eclipse.

The man said he didn’t realize his 21-year-old board had been stolen until he went to look for it under the blanket.

“I just kind of let that loss run around in my brain so I could cycle through the emotions,” he told The Epoch Times at the time. “After a couple days, I needed to do something. I’m a designer, it’s what I went to school for and spent most of the last 10 years in LA doing. So I guess that was my vent.”

The note read: “I appreciate that you didn’t smash any windows when you broke into my vehicle and tried to cut my battery out of the engine. But I couldn’t care less about that; because you took my skateboard.

“I want you to know it’s not ‘just a skateboard’ to me. You took something a 16-year-old kid bought working a minimum wage food service job in 1996. Meaning it probably took me a week to earn something you took in a couple of minutes. It’s a Powell Ripper slick and it’s pretty beefy. Its [sic] been my travel companion in the trunk of 5 cars over 21 years. The Grind King trucks are lightweight and match the deck, you’ll need an Allen wrench to adjust them. I have a special one if you want to borrow it. The bushings were swapped out in Santa Cruz in 2011. The bearings are Bones REDS. The G-Bones wheels are vintage. I watched eBay for weeks to get the right ones because I needed bigger wheels to skate the boardwalk in Venice. Every day after work in 2014 I skated to the Venice Fishing Pier and watched the Sun set over the Pacific Ocean on that board.

“Finally I hope you appreciate the lyrics to Pantera’s ‘Floods’ on the top. I paint-markered them in my friend Joe’s bedroom in 1997. He commited [sic] suicide after he got back from Iraq in 2009. His brother Noah died outside of Fallujah in 2004. We all used to skate together.

“Unless you can appreciate all of that as much as I do then maybe you should bring it back. If you can then best of luck to ya! That’s a lot of karma to handle and I hope you have a better life from now on.”

The man said he had posted the note in several coffee shops around the area.

It is unclear whether the thief has returned the board.

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