Pest Control That Is Safe For Children And Pets


One of the main concerns for many homeowners,, when it comes to pest control, is the danger of chemicals to small children and pets in the home. While insects and other pests can be harmful, so can the poisons that are used by many companies to control them. If you have a pest problem or are just trying to keep them at bay, there are safe, natural solutions that are available for ridding your home of pests while protecting your family from exposure to harsh chemicals.

Green And Natural Pest Control

There are many products that are available through professional pest control companies that are safe for both children and pets while still being effective. These “green” methods are meant to protect the environment while keeping insects, rodents and other pests out of homes and yards. Most of these products are natural compounds that repel pests without the poison or chemicals that can be dangerous to occupants and plant life. Some of these natural pest control alternatives include:

  • Botanical extracts. Many plants and flowers contain compounds that can repel or even kill insects while not harming animals or plant life. These botanical compounds are often used for pest control in extract form when green or natural methods are preferred. Since these compounds are naturally occurring, they can break down into the soil and are usually not stored in plant or animal tissue.

  • Diatomaceous earth. The fossilized remains of ocean organisms in a mineral powder called diatomaceous earth is a common natural pest control product. The sharp edges of this compound are deadly to many insects, without the use of poison.

  • Boric acid. Another excellent product for pest control is boric acid, which is a naturally occurring compound found in certain minerals and plants. While safe for humans and pets, it is toxic to many insects including fleas and other pests.

If you need pest control, yet are concerned with the safety of your children and pets, research professional companies that offer green or natural products that are safe for your family. Many of these products are just as effective as any chemical without the harmful effects, making them a healthier, safer choice.