Person of Interest Returns with Episode 12 ‘Aletheia:’ Preview and Trailer

Person of Interest season 3 returns to CBS after a mid-season break with episode 12, titled “Aletheia. [Spoilers, preview, promo, and trailer follow]

The series left off after Carter’s death, with Reese leaving the POI team and heading to Colorado. Fusco finds Reese, trying to persuade Reese to come home, before they fight outside a bar.

Meanwhile, Collier’s group Vigilance tried to abduct Shaw; but Shaw, Harold, and Arthur, and Arthur’s wife Diane, escape to a hotel.

Harold tries to get more information about Samaritan from Arthur, who describes helping make the machine.

But while he’s talking, he remembers that he buried his wife two years earlier. Diane reveals herself as Control, and her agents come into the room and arrest Arthur, Shaw, Harold.

Control then threatens to kill Arthur or Harold, whoever doesn’t give up the location of the machine under their control.

No one dies by the end of the episode, which ends with the Machine, and Samaritan (Arthur’s machine), having their statuses changed from “deactivated” to “unknown.” 

The description for episode 12 comes from CBS:

“Multiple enemies converge on the POI team as they protect a dying man whose number has come up. They struggle to keep their enemies at bay but without Reese, who has left them and their mission behind following the tragic war with HR, being down one man could have catastrophic repercussions for the team.”


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