Perdue Calls Georgia ‘The Last Line of Defense’

By Melina Wisecup
Melina Wisecup
Melina Wisecup
November 20, 2020 Updated: November 20, 2020

The fate of the Senate is in the hands of Georgia voters this year. The runoffs for the state’s two seats will determine whether or not Republicans will hold their majority. Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton traveled to Georgia on Nov. 19 to campaign with Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler.

Perdue said he’s super confident he will win his seat come January.

Kelly is trailing behind Raphael Warnock by around 7 percentage points. But she’s working to catch up and take that lead.

All three senators mentioned the importance of faith in America. They said that it’s important to hold their majority in the Senate because that’s the only way America will stay true to its values.

GOP Chairwoman Donna Sant of Houston County told us she’s confident her community will help Loeffler catch up and win the seat this year because she says it’s crucial to America’s founding values.

“It’s very scary if you see the Marxist platform and you see what the opposition’s advocating for,” Sant said.

Republican Senator David Perdue says he never wanted to get involved in politics, but he’s now going to put his best foot forward in Washington because he says Georgia is the last line of defense against socialism in America.

Senator Kelly Loeffler also echoed Perdue’s points, “we need more of the private sector, not government intervention. Who wants to go to the DMV to see a doctor? No one.”

Senator Cotton’s appearance came just a week after Florida Senator Marco Rubio arrived in the state to campaign for the two Republicans.

Aside from the heated Senate race in Georgia, the presidential race results are being challenged now by Trump’s main legal team. Giuliani said he’s filing a lawsuit in the state on Friday, Nov. 20.

“We have numerous double voters we have numerous out of state voters, and we have specific evidence of voter intimidation that changes the vote.”

It’s not clear if he was referring to poll workers being intimidated to change votes or by voters themselves being intimidated. But he said he will lay out all the details in his lawsuit on Friday.

Georgia was set to certify the results from their recount by Friday as well. But the way it’s looking now, with multiple open lawsuits in the state, it looks like the official results from Georgia are far from being called.

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Melina Wisecup
Melina Wisecup