Pennsylvania Woman Strangled to Death by Medical Alert Necklace

March 3, 2016 Updated: March 3, 2016

An elderly woman was found strangled to death by her medical alert necklace in Pennsylvania, officials said.

The Cumberland County coroner, Charles Hall, said the woman, Roseann DiFrancesco, tripped and was strangled by the necklace after it got caught in her walker, WPMT reported.

She was found dead on Feb. 17 by a visiting nurse. The nurse entered the home after knocking on the door without response.

Hall said DiFrancesco, 86, was using her walker when she lost her balance and fell down. It got caught in the handle of her walker, strangling her.

The necklace didn’t have a breakaway clasp. Hall told PennLive the necklace had an emergency call button. Some brands have a breakaway option.

DiFrancesco’s death was ruled accidental.

Between 1998 and 2009, at least six people have died or were seriously injured due to a necklace-related incident.