Pennsylvania Voter: It’s Time for Truth and Transparency

December 12, 2020 Updated: December 12, 2020

WASHINGTON—Thomas and Diane Chapogas from Pennsylvania traveled to Washington to attend a massive rally and march in support of President Donald Trump.

“Truth and transparency, it’s time for it,” said Diane Chapogas on Dec. 12 at the nation’s capital, where thousands had gathered to support Trump and protest election fraud.

Mr. Chapogas said that he can’t accept Joe Biden as the President, “I can’t find anybody more dishonest than Biden. I just can’t accept the fraud. With all these witnesses and affidavits, but nothing is being done about it. It’s a sad point in our country.”

Mrs. Chapogas added, “We both feel that there’s so much corruption in our government, and what world are we going to leave our children? We have two boys. Are we going to leave them with a free nation that we grew up in? I don’t think so right now. People need to wake up to the tyranny that’s going on in our politics.”

The Chapogas said America needed to establish a true election again, and put faith back into the citizens.

The media has perpetuated the problem, Mr. Chapogas said. “I get sick of listening to the lies, they cut out everything positive the President has done. They promote our country to be segregated … It’s going to destroy the country,” he said. “It seems like those extremely wealthy people owning the majority of our news networks, coordinating their efforts, also with Facebook and all, they hide relevant news or truthful news. And that’s why I’m here. I’m just very upset with the way our country is moving.”

Both Chapogas work in the healthcare system. Mr. Chapogas is a hospital administrator and Mrs. Chapogas is a chief radiation therapist. They see similar corruptions in the healthcare system as well.

Mrs. Chapogas also mentioned the Dominion machines used in Pennsylvania where they voted, where “millions of our taxpayer money went to a new voting system [Dominion] that we never wanted.”

“Our governor bought this without ever going to the House and having it voted on. He should be impeached for those actions,” she said.

Mr. Chapogas added that he wanted to see a fair election, where the same system was used in all states, and observers from both parties were present.

As for what the next step President Trump will take, Mr. Chapogas said that whatever action Trump takes, “I will follow, I am all for it.”

Mrs. Chapogas added, “I feel that because we don’t do something now nothing would ever be done, we are going to be Venezuela, we’re gonna end up like a communist country, right? If we allow this election fraud to happen and let Biden in, every election from now on will be fraudulent.”