Young Man Falls $20 Short for the First Guitar in His Life, Then a Kind Stranger Steps In

April 16, 2019 Updated: April 16, 2019

A teen walks into a music store to buy his first guitar, after having saved up his money.

The excitement is all over his face as he carefully hands the guitar to the music store employee, who puts it in the guitar case. As he considers his payment options with another music store employee, he gathers his funds together. He asks if he can put part on a debit card and pay the rest in cash.

The young man pays the $150 on his debit card and then pulls out $50 cash to settle up on the final amount. Unfortunately, at that point, he learns that the total amount is in fact $220, not $200. The sadness can be seen all over his face. An arrangement is then made to keep the guitar at the shop on layaway and once he obtains the $20, he can bring the guitar home with him.

Another shopper at the music store overhears the conversation and offers to pay the $20 needed to secure the guitar and take it home with him. She says it is her way of paying it forward. The kindness of the stranger makes the young man extremely happy. Not only does he have the guitar, but it is due to the kindness of this woman who he had just met by chance at the music store.

Credit: Mike Fink | YouTube