Paul Walker, Tara Reid, Stone Cold Steve Austin Among Those Involved in Discovery Channel’s Shark Week

Paul Walker, Tara Reid, Damon Wayans Jr., and Stone Cold Steve Austin are among the celebrities and other involved in Shark Week, which starts on Sunday.

Walker is especially notable because he died last year–the segment he’s in, Spawn of Jaws, was filmed before his death.

“Maverick scientist Michael Domeier launches a dangerous mission. Helped by Fast & Furious star Paul Walker, he risks life and limb to unravel the mystery of where Jaws gives birth… by getting within arm’s reach of the ocean’s fiercest predator,” according to the Discovery Channel’s description.

The segment is scheduled to air at 3 p.m. EDT on Thursday.

Shark After Dark LIVE is a live, hour-long comedy late night show all about Shark Week. Host John Wolf is joined by different guests each night.

The first night on Sunday at 11:02 p.m. (same start time every night) will feature actors Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans, Jr., director Robert Rodriguez, and extreme eater Chris Schewe.

The second night will feature Matt Walsh, Danny Trejo, and Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman from “Fast N’ Loud.”

The third night will feature Stone Cold Steve Austin and Tom Green.

The fourth night will feature famous underwater photographer Andy Casagrande, Tara Reid from “Sharknado 2,” and mermaid Hannah Fraser.

Other programs including celebrities and other well-known people include:

Shark Bites: Adventures in Shark Week

Late, Late Show host Craig Ferguson heads to the Bahamas for the adventure of a lifetime: swimming with sharks! But as he gets closer to actually jumping into the water, he starts to worry. He’s in for a surprise when he finally gets underwater…. (Monday at 2 p.m.)

Shark City

Chief Shark Officer Andy Samberg takes us on a tour of a mysterious underwater world in the protected waters of the Bahamas, where it’s shark-eat-shark, and shark-eat-pretty much everything else too. Join him as he explores the marvels of… Shark City! (Monday at 3 p.m.)

How Sharks Hunt

Dave and Cody of Dual Survival dive in to investigate why no two species of shark attack in the same manner. Through a series of groundbreaking tests and innovative high-tech camera technologies, they’ll reveal exactly why sharks are so deadly. (Thursday at 11 a.m.)


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