Paul Walker Death Photos: Witness to Accident Trying to Sell Photos, Report Says

December 18, 2013 Updated: November 9, 2015

A witness to Paul Walker’s death is trying to sell photos of the accident, a source told the Globe magazine.

Walker died in a car crash on November 30. The car was being driven by Walker’s friend and business partner Roger Rodas, who co-owned Always Evolving with him.

The source said he or she saw one of the photos.

“The image is truly horrifying,” the source told the Globe, according to RadarOnline. “The picture … shows the bodies of the two victims [Walker and friend Roger Rodas] — and makes sure you can’t miss them by outlining the corpses in color!”

The picture also shows the inside of the Porche Carrera GT after it was “ravaged by fire,” the source claimed.

News Photo: Fans brings letters poem photos flowers candels toys…

Fans leave items at the memorial for Paul Walker at the site of the crash that killed him, December 8, 2013. (Valerie Macon/Getty Images)

News Photo: Actor Paul Walker attends the Fast Furious 6…

Paul Walker at the world premiere for ‘Fast & Furious 6″ in London, May 7, 2013. (Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for Universal Pictures)

 “The bodies are severely burned and can be clearly seen lying inside the vehicle,” the source continued. “Walker’s body is still fairly intact. He has fallen backwards and his arms are spread apart. He is completely burned. No more clothes on his body.”

The body of Roger Rodas is “badly burned” in the photo, the source added.

Regarding the photos, the source said: “It’s outrageous to think that the Walker or Rodas family could be surfing the internet and click on these pictures and see their relatives like this.”

A death certificate that was just released shows that Rodas was dead upon impact, while Walker died from a combination of the impact and the fire that quickly engulfed the car following the crash.

The crash was described as so explosive that it destroyed landscaping and shattered windows hundreds of feet away, according to RadarOnline. The speed that the car was traveling in hasn’t been officially determined, but officials have said that they believe Rodas was speeding.

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