Paul Walker: David Belle Says Working With Walker in ‘Brick Mansions’ Was a Pleasure

March 18, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

David Belle, founder of Parkour and actor, says that working with Paul Walker in the film “Brick Mansions” was a pleasure.

The movie will hit theaters on April 25.

Walker plays an undercover police officer that tries to take down a ruthless crime lord that has access to a neutron bomb. That crime lord, Tremaine (RZA), killed the father of Walker’s character Damien Collier.

Belle’s character Lino reluctantly teams with Collier after Tremaine kidnaps his girlfriend. 

The film includes Parkour stunts.

He’s also appeared in District B13, District 13: Ultimatum, and Babylon A.D., among other films.

Belle said in a statement sent to reports that “It was a pleasure to work with Paul.”

“He was an amazing man, a great actor and a good confidant,” Belle said.

Belle said that the pair quickly became friends and that working with Walker was one of the best experiences he’s ever had.


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