Paul Newman’s Incredible Philanthropic Legacy Is Larger Than Life Itself

By Li Yen, Epoch Times
February 23, 2019 Updated: February 23, 2019

In the end, it doesn’t matter how successful of a life you have had. Instead, what matters is how much you have contributed in the lives of others. To be a legendary or Oscar-winning actor wasn’t good enough for the late Paul Newman. He’s someone who will always be remembered for his philanthropic works.

Hollywood legend Paul Newman with his piercing blue eyes had a successful film career. He was known for his roles in movies like “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” and “The Color of Money.”

Newman passed away at his home in Connecticut on the morning of Sept. 26, 2008, at the age of 83 after reportedly being diagnosed with lung cancer.

A studio portrait of American actor Paul Newman. (©Getty Images | Hulton Archive)

Following his death, Paul Newman’s daughter Melissa “Lissy” Newman told the press: “He was really all about philanthropy, and people caring, and people voting, and that’s really who he was.”

His daughter also emphasized that so many of his ideas were about reaching out, and “that is what he would like people to remember.”

Melissa also urged fans of Newman to pay tribute by reaching out to help others.

“Reach out, keep doing it. If we all did something for somebody or some organization today, can you imagine the change that would happen?” she further added.

10 years ago we lost our founder and friend Paul Newman. Thank you, Paul, for leaving a wonderful philanthropic legacy of giving back. We are proud to continue your work.

Newman's Own Foundation 发布于 2018年9月26日周三

Beyond doubt, Newman has left behind a legacy through his charitable giving. He once said, “What could be better than to hold your hand out to people who are less fortunate than you are?”

Newman was inspired to give succor and strength to the disadvantaged after a similar misfortune had occurred in his life—he lost his 28-year-old son Scott Newman in 1978. The actor founded the Scott Newman Center in 1980 (which was dissolved on Dec. 31, 2013). He dedicated this to working toward the prevention of drug abuse and domestic violence.

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Summer friends make summer fun! Paul Newman hanging out with the guys at The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp he founded for kids facing life-threatening illnesses. #TBT SeriousFun Children's Network

Newman's Own Foundation 发布于 2014年8月7日周四

In 1988, he went on to establish Hole in The Wall Association, renamed as SeriousFun Children’s Network in 2012, with the aim to provide children suffering from illnesses around the world, along with their parents and carers, a chance to kick back and relax in camps—all free of charge.

The organization “deliver[s] unforgettable camp experiences that have a life-changing impact,” as stated on their website.

“Our founder, Paul Newman, always knew that taking fun seriously could make a real difference in the lives of children facing a serious illness,” SeriousFun Children’s Network President and CEO John C. Read once said in a statement. “His incredible vision inspired so many people, leaving a lasting impression that lives on today as SeriousFun Children’s Network.”

Newman was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the 75th Annual Academy Awards for his role in the film “Road to Perdition.” (©Getty Images | Mark Mainz)

A child at heart, Newman once flew to Britain just to become a funny clown in a show “Zippo’s Circus” to entertain sick and disabled kids when he was 79 years old, as per the Telegraph.

Apart from his charitable work to help and contribute in children’s lives meaningfully, Newman is also remembered as the founder of a non-profit company called Newman’s Own that makes tasty homemade salad dressing and pasta sauce.

Committed to helping the world become a better place, Newman and author A.E. Hotchner set up the company in 1982, which donates all post-tax profits and royalties to charity.

A Newmanitarian is someone who gives back just because it’s the right thing to do. Paul Newman said giving back was…

Newman's Own Foundation 发布于 2018年1月27日周六

To carry on the legacy of his philanthropic work, the generous actor initiated Newman’s Own Foundation in 2005, which is funded completely through the profits and royalties of Newman’s Own company.

“Since 1982, when Paul Newman first declared, ‘Let’s give it all away,’ more than $530 million has been donated to thousands of nonprofit organizations helping people in need around the world,” according to Newman’s Own Foundation website.

Celebrating 35 Years of Giving! 35 years ago, Newman's Own launched the first product and started the movement of giving…

Newman's Own Foundation 发布于 2017年8月25日周五

Bob Forrester, president and CEO of the Newman’s Own Foundation, spoke to Moneyish about his close friend of 16 years, “Paul was actually the most humble human being I ever met in my life, and he was uncomfortable with his celebrity, because he felt he was lucky to be born in America with these opportunities, and lucky to have the look that was right for motion pictures.”

“There are people in the world who aren’t so lucky in their circumstances, because they were in poverty, or their children have cancer or HIV, and he just felt [giving back] was the right thing to do.”

Through his philanthropic endeavors, Newman’s warmth continues to shine upon the lives of many even after death, leaving a lasting legacy.

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