Passenger Puts His Bare Feet Near Sleeping Baby’s Face During Flight, Someone Captures a Picture!

By Venus Upadhayaya, Epoch Times
August 30, 2019 Updated: August 30, 2019

Long-distance travel can cause fatigue and push some passengers to behave unruly. A passenger on a flight pushed his barefoot near a sleeping baby’s face and the photo posted on social media did not sit well with some people.

A picture shared on the Instagram account, Passenger Shaming, shows a passenger sticking his feet between the seats near the face of a sleeping baby.

According to Fox News, the post was captioned: “Thoughts on a random bare foot peeking through your seat and almost touching your baby’s head?”

The picture has since been removed from Instagram, but not before going viral and causing an uproar among concerned adults who found the behavior upsetting.

People wanted the passenger sticking his feet near the child’s face taught a lesson. “Dude would be missing toes if his foot was that close to my baby’s face,” said an angry user, according to Fox News.

While some comments were suggesting violence, others were funny. “This is why you can’t take sharp objects on the plane bc I would have snipped the toe tips with some scissors by now,” said one user.

Someone with a witty disposition said: “Closest I’ve had to having this happen is a guy putting his hands behind his head on my side of the seat behind him and invading my space… So I tickled his hands and it freaked him out. He quickly moved them.”

The Passenger Shaming is an Instagram account by a former flight attendant, followed by over 961,000 people.

The account shares many pictures of barefoot passengers exhibiting odd behaviors and habits during flights.

In another bizarre video, an old lady in heels is seen moving her legs all over the seat on a flight. Captioned “I may be an old lady, but I swear this isn’t me!!” the video has been viewed 383,221 times.

While it’s difficult to understand what the elderly lady is doing, users comments added more curiosity to the post.

“I hate when people videotape my warmup without consent,” said one user.

Another said, “What. The. Actual. Clearly it’s some form of sorcery.”

Users wondered how those shoes could stay mid-air without falling down. “Are her shoes actually taped on!?” commented a user.

Passenger Shaming Instagram account was featured as one of the best 100 Instagram accounts by the Rolling Stone magazine.

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