Parker Agrees to 3 Year Extension

NBA champion and future hall of fame point guard, Tony Parker has reached an agreement with the Spurs that will extend his contract for an additional 3 years, Yahoo Sports reports.

The exact details of the contract are unknown per Spurs’ regulation. However, initial reports put the total value of Parker’s contract extension in the range of $45 million dollars. A soon-to-be new CBA agreement that could increase the league-wide salary cap to $100 million or more hasn’t impacted the guard’s decision to sign a long-term deal with San Antonio. This doesn’t come as a shock, however, Parker’s value in the NBA will undoubtedly grow if and when the new CBA rules governing salary cap are passed.

Coming off of his 4th NBA title as a Spur, Parker’s inclination to re-sign is certainly par for the course. Although the Spurs are on average the oldest team in the league, Parker’s clearly unconcerned about the strength of his squad looking forward. Long after the greatest Spur of all time, Tim Duncan, decides to hang up the black and silver, Parker will have quickly developing future superstar, Kawhi Leonard, to dish the ball to.

Tony Parker has made it clear that his Spurs are here to stay.