Parents of Casey Anthony Say They May ‘Sue’ If She Sells Her Story

October 30, 2017 Updated: October 30, 2017

Responding to rumors Casey Anthony might pair up with O.J. Simpson for a reality TV show, Casey Anthony’s parents said they would “sue” her if she went ahead with the idea.

Simpson was released from prison in Nevada earlier this month after nine years behind bars for armed robbery, and is reportedly in talks with  Casey Anthony to sell their “inside story on the aftermath of living with the horrible crimes,” an unnamed source told InTouch.

Simpson was acquitted in the 1994 killing of his wife, Nicole Brown, and her friend Ronald Goldman.

O.J. Simpson at a parole hearing at Lovelock Correctional Center on July 20, 2017, in Lovelock, Nev. (Jason Bean-Pool/Getty Images)

In 2011, a jury acquitted Casey Anthony of first-degree murder, aggravated manslaughter of a child, and aggravated child abuse related to her daughter’s death after a month-and-a-half-long trial that was closely followed by the media. However she was convicted of lying to police.

Anthony’s 2-year-old daughter Caylee was reported missing in 2008 after not being seen for a month. Even after she was found, the cause of death remains a mystery.

Speaking to Chris Hansen of “Crime Watch Today,” Anthony’s mother expressed surprise that her daughter would be talking to Simpson about doing a show on life after their high-profile trials.

“I don’t think it’ll ever come to that. I don’t think she’ll sell her story,” Casey Anthony’s mother, Cindy Anthony, said. “If it came down to that, I probably would [sue her].”

When asked if they had a message for their estranged daughter, George Casey didn’t hesitate. “Stay away. Stay away from me,” he said. “If she wants a relationship again with her mom, she’s got a lot of explaining to do. But I don’t want to hear it no more.”

George Anthony was accused by his daughter’s defense team of molesting her when she was a child, a claim he denied in his testimony.

Casey Anthony (R) with her attorney Jose Baez during her sentencing hearing on charges of lying to a law enforcement officer at the Orange County Courthouse July 7, 2011, in Orlando, Fla. (Joe Burbank-Pool/Getty Images)

He also admitted to suicide attempts after Caylee’s body was found near their property in a trash bag, saying he didn’t feel he “did enough to go find her.”

“She should be here, not me,” he told Hansen.

George Anthony had a strong bond with Caylee, and said he still sees her in their house. One time she woke him up by touching his face, just like she used to do, he said.

“I’ve seen her in the flesh,” he said. “The strong spirit that’s in our house … that’s love and that’s a connection that I wish more people could have.”

Cindy Anthony said she believed him.

She thinks her daughter has a mental illness, and that her untreated seizures could “possibly” be to blame for her granddaughter’s death.

“She doesn’t remember when she has seizures, unless she bit her tongue or something,” Cindy Anthony said.

In the first interview she’s given since she was released from prison, Casey Anthony told The Associated Press she still has no idea what happened to her daughter.

“I understand the reasons people feel about me. I understand why people have the opinions that they do,” she told the AP. “I’m still not even certain as I stand here today about what happened.”

Casey Anthony now lives in southern Florida with her boyfriend, Patrick McKenna, who was a lead investigator on her defense team.

She said she can commiserate with Simpson’s experience, and has followed his case closely.

“I can empathize with his situation,” she told the AP.


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