Unsuspecting Parents Scream ‘No’ the Moment They Find Their Children Are Pregnant

March 16, 2019 Updated: March 29, 2019

A compilation video has surfaced online showing a selection of hilarious moments when unsuspecting parents find out that their children are pregnant and they are to become grandparents.

The first clip sets the tone of the entire video as an over excited future grandmother screams, “Noooo,” from the back seat of a car after being given a card telling her she is soon to be a grandmother.

Another clip shows a bespectacled man throw the baby photos he has just been given in the air before staggering backward in shock and asking, “Are you serious,” over and over.

A further video shows another future grandfather fall to his knees and pray as he learns of his daughter’s pregnancy, before rising and hugging her fiercely.

In another hilarious moment a mother and father are tricked into posing with their daughter for a photograph but instead of being asked to say the pre-requisite, “Cheese,” as the photo is taken, their daughter says the word grandparents instead, much to her parents’ joy and surprise.

The video goes on to show numerous shocked parents as they learn about their children’s pregnancies in a variety of unusual ways, from it being written on t-shirts, to being written on the label of a bottle of wine, to baby photos being placed inside presents, or put inside cards, the list of imaginative ways goes on and on. Our favorite clip, however, has to be the one that shows a shocked woman’s face as she opens a present that reveals she is to be a grandmother. Seconds pass as she repeatedly asks, “What,” before finally realizing exactly what is happening and loudly wailing with emotion.