Parents in China’s Hainan Province Accuse School Principal of Molesting Daughters

May 17, 2013 Updated: May 16, 2013

Parents of six primary school girls in China’s Hainan Province say their daughters were drugged and sexually molested early in the morning of May 9 at a hotel by their school principal and another official. This is the latest of several recent reports implicating Party or state officials in the sexual abuse of minors.

The two suspects in the Hainan Province case are the school principal of the No. 2 Primary School in Wanning City, Mr. Chen, and a local housing administration bureau official, Mr. Feng. 

According to the state-run CCTV, local authorities said at a May 13 press conference that the schoolmaster had been arrested on criminal charges. But the medical examiner at the Wanning City Police Department stated that the suspects did not have sexual relationships with the six girls. 

The girls, ages 11 to 14, had allegedly invited the school principal to a karaoke bar till early morning. Then two of the girls left with Feng and drove to a hotel. Chen took the other four girls to another hotel, the CCTV report said. 

A local newspaper in Shandong Province, the City Sun, then contacted the father of one of the girls, surnamed Fu. He said his 12-year-old daughter had profuse vaginal bleeding when she was found. The reporter was also shown a video clip of the girl’s bloodstained underwear. 

The Beijing Times ran an interview on May 14 with the father of another girl, who used the name Wang. This man said his daughter appeared dopey and drowsy when she was found. Other parents also believe that the girls had been drugged, he said.

Wang said all six girls were taken to the Lvchun Park Hotel in Wanning on May 8, where the children were served drinks and biscuits. After that they all went to a karaoke bar. At about 1 a.m. they, the principal and 4 girls, returned to the hotel and rented two rooms. 

According to Wang, the school principal offered 2,000 yuan ($325) to Wang’s daughter to have sex with her, but she declined. 

“He increased the offer to 3,000 yuan, then 5,000 yuan,” Wang said. “Still, my daughter said no. But she lost consciousness while struggling.” 

When the girl woke up in the morning, she found stains in her underwear, Wang said. “She has been crying since reading the newspaper this morning, saying she doesn’t want to live.” 

The parents of five of the girls told the Beijing Times that their daughters had been examined on May 10 and were told by the medical examiner or the police that each was found with a ruptured hymen. 

Similar child abuse cases in China have repeatedly been reported in recent years.

In Xishui Country in southern China’s Guizhou Province four officials were part of a group of seven men who forced 10 young girls into prostitution in 2007 and 2008.

In October, 2011 in central China’s Shaanxi Province four village officials raped a young girl under the age of 12. They were sentenced to 5-7 years.

In southern Guangzhou Province, a former deputy police chief raped at least twenty-three young girls. 

Zhu Xinxin, a freelance writer and former editor of Heibei Radio Online, told Sound of Hope Radio that under the Chinese Communist Party’s dictatorship Chinese officials have become used to doing whatever they want.

Translated by Euly Wu. Written in English by Gisela Sommer.

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