Parent Holds Teacher Hostage as California School Goes into Lockdown

October 31, 2017 Updated: October 31, 2017

A school in Riverside, California, was evacuated after a parent reportedly barricaded him or herself inside a classroom, officials said Tuesday, Oct. 31.

NBC Los Angeles reported that a parent is holding a teacher hostage at Castle View Elementary School, at 6201 Shaker Drive.

All 670 students were evacuated to a park off-campus, said the Riverside Unified School District in a statement.

“Unfortunately, at this time we cannot release any students until the lockdown order has been lifted,” the statement said. “We will communicate with you again as soon as the situation is resolved and give you further instructions on student pickup.”

Other details were not made clear.

According to ABC7, Officer Ryan Railsback said, “One other adult, possibly a teacher or a staff member, was believed to be inside the classroom with the parent.”