Paralyzed Man Responds to Internet Troll in Best Possible Way

March 2, 2016 Updated: July 15, 2017

A U.K. man was left paralyzed after an accident in Portugal six years ago, according to reports. Henry Fraser dove into shallow water and hit his head on the seabed, dislocating four vertebrae.

Fraser was “trolled online” by a woman who emailed him, saying that he deserved it. “In fact you should have died for being stupid enough to throw your life away like that,” the person wrote.

Epoch Times Photo

Fraser has since taken up painting, and after word of his artwork spread, the woman emailed him the nasty comments, the Mirror said.

“Just came across your story online. I can’t believe how stupid you are— you deserve to not be able to use your arms and legs,” she also said.

Fraser, in turn, responded that he hopes she doesn’t have to go through what he went through.



“I’m not stupid enough to dive on shallow water,” she then responded. “Glad what you went through was tough, you deserve to suffer.”

After Fraser posted his response on Twitter, “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling tweeted at him, saying, “Fate shoved you through an unexpected door and you lit the way for others. I wonder how Laura would fare on the other side?”