Parade Honors 15 Million Withdrawals from the CCP

By Shu Xin, Epoch Times Staff
November 8, 2006 Updated: November 8, 2006

New York—On November 4, 2006, the number of withdrawals from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its related organizations reached 15,060,000.

This fact has been confirmed by Mr. Jia Jia, a former CCP official who verified that there is a tide of resignations from the CCP happening in China. Several Chinese organizations in New York City jointly held a parade in Flushing NY to honor the magnificent feat of those 15 million brave Chinese people who have severed their ties with the CCP.

The event was also showing support for certain individuals who have shown great courage: Mr. Jia, former General Secretary of the Shanxi Provincial Association of Scientists and Technology Experts, who defected from China while on a vacation tour and then publicly declared that he quit the CCP; Gao Zhisheng, renowned human rights lawyer recently arrested by the CCP after he defended exploited people in China and wrote letters to top-level government leaders asking them to stop the persecution of Falun Gong, and Yuan Sheng former pilot with China Eastern Airlines who defected to the U.S because he would be arrested for distributing a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party if he went back to China.

The parade, led by golden dancing lions, started at the Flushing Public Library and ended at the Flushing Mall. Musicians in the parade included The Divine Land Marching Band of Falun Gong practitioners dressed in blue and white outfits, and a team of waist drummers, dressed in white and red girdles.

Participants in the parade held banners with the words “Supporting 15 million brave people who have quit the CCP,” “Supporting Jia Jia who publicly broke from the CCP, “Heaven will eliminate the CCP, Quit the Party to be safe,” “Supporting Gao Zhisheng,” “Supporting Yuan Sheng,” “Only without the CCP can there be a new China,” and so on.

The parade was sponsored by the Tuidang Service Center in New York, Broad Press Publishing, The Epoch Times, Global Coalition to Bring Jiang to Justice, and Sound of Hope Radio Network. Representatives from China Democracy Party World Union, Chinese Alliance for Peace & Democracy, Future China Forum, and “See China” also participated in the parade.

During the rally, Baiqiao Tang, President of the Chinese Alliance for Peace & Democracy, remarked that when the withdrawal of 1 million people was celebrated in March the weather was overcast and gloomy; but today, when the number of withdrawals is over 15 million people, the weather was sunny and bright. He believes that the weather was foretelling that in the near future, the Chinese people will once again see the light of day [when they are freed from communist rule].

Li Dayong, of the Global Tuidang Service Center, thanked the thousands of volunteers working for the more than 100 Tuidang centers globally, especially the volunteers in China, for devoting themselves to a great spiritual liberation movement.

Dr. Huang Wanqing, Vice President of The Epoch Times, said that the CCP is extremely afraid of the spread of the Nine Commentaries, and the withdrawal movement in China. Whenever he makes a speech at a “quit the CCP” rally, China's National security will ask his family in China to dissuade him from participating in “political” activities. He told his family that only by quitting the CCP could one be removed from politics. Actually, the movement of quitting the Party is making the CCP very anxious.

Ms. Luo, of China Democracy Party World Union, made an appeal to CCP officials to bravely quit the CCP just as Mr. Jia has done.