Paper shredding services as a viable security option

November 27, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Why would any company need paper shredding services?

Any business of substantial size is gathering an incredible amount of information in the form of typed memos and other communication’s. These typed documents can include company strategy as well as progress which have been made with technological advances and many other such things which a business does not want to fall into the wrong hands. Depending on the amount of time which such a company has been operating those documents which has been gathered can amount to a very large cache. Even though a single sheet of paper may not weigh much that can quickly change when you have thousands of those papers gathered in one place. Dealing with such a large amount of stored documents can be a logistical and security nightmare and therefore the only viable option which such a business might have will be to make use of professional paper shredding services.

Determine your paper shedding needs

There can be thousands of businesses in one demographic area and the amount of documents which are gathered by such businesses will undoubtedly differ from business to business. The first step in determining the exact level of paper shredding service that you will require will be to accurately calculate exactly how much documents are collected by your business in a 30 day period or a six month period or a 12 month period. Then you should determine exactly how critical are the information which are contained in those documents and what would be the consequences should such documents be obtained by the wrong people. If your business only collects a very small amount of documents a month then it should not be a problem to deal with those shedding operations on-site and personally, however if you are very large Corporation which are holding very large amounts of documents which has to be destroyed regularly then it will not be so easy to accomplish that task on-site or in person. Then you may be in a position where it will be more expedient to acquire the services of a professional paper shredding company.

Why small office shredders are often not sufficient

The majority of the small entry-level papers shredding machines which are viable for small business are mostly only suitable for plain paper products and they cannot deal with cardboard or paper clips or harder types of paper products and any of these products could in fact cause a significant amount of damage to your office shredder. These smaller type office shredders will often require a substantial amount of maintenance and in circumstances where such maintenance are absent various problems can be experienced with such an office shredder. Especially in a large Corporation which is collecting very large amounts of documents which has to be shredded it is important that there is someone which is taking responsibility for organizing these shedding operations. Otherwise it could happen that such large quantities of documents are collected that it can become very difficult to stay in control of that situation.

Subcontracting your paper shredding services is mostly the best option

Especially larger businesses have realized the tremendous logistical problems which are produced by paper shredding operations. They have realized that it is substantially better to subcontract such paper shredding operations to a business which is specializing in secure and effective shredding of large amounts of documents. Such industrial size paper shredding services mostly have very large industrial quality paper shredding machines which are perfectly able to deal with large volumes of documents in an effective and in a safe manner. They are mostly more than able to deal with large volumes of documents from many different businesses and to dispose of such documents in a safe and effective manner. In the end it comes to guarding your own business secrets and in dealing with you all documents in a discrete and a secure fashion. A reputable company simply cannot afford to lose critical documents because of a lack of organizational skill.