Pandemic Didn’t Stop Two Friends From Celebrating a 91st Birthday

April 9, 2020 Updated: April 9, 2020

SANTA CLARA, Calif.—Social distancing doesn’t always mean disconnecting from each other. Two friends have been celebrating their birthdays together for 25 years, and they’re keeping the tradition going during the CCP virus pandemic.

Margaret Jones turned 91 years old on April 7. Her longtime friend Lucy Cavazos went to see her at The Kensington Redondo Beach, an assisted living facility in Southern California where Jones is staying.

Cavazos rode on a 30-foot construction lift to her friend’s window on the second floor to wish her a happy birthday for the 26th time.

“She was in great spirits, so I was quite happy to see that,” Cavazos told The Epoch Times.

Epoch Times Photo
A caretaker helps Margaret Jones see her friend Lucy Cavazos through a window at The Kensington Redondo Beach for Jones’s 91st birthday on April 7, 2020. (Photo by Cristal Chavez/Courtesy of Lucy Cavazos)

The facility requested a lift so that visitors could meet with their loved ones. The lift happened to arrive on Jones’s birthday, so Cavazos and her daughter were the first to use it.

“They gave us time; we spent time talking to her. We were up there—I lost notion of time because we were just so excited,” she said.

Despite their 44-year age gap, the two usually celebrate their birthdays for the whole month. Cavazos would take Jones somewhere every day, and everyone would know it was her friend’s birthday.

This year, Jones was able to celebrate her pink, white, and yellow-themed birthday with cake and balloons.

“I was able to go to Rossmoor in Signal Hill and order a cake. So I dropped it off, and they had that for her and the residents to share,” said Cavazos.

The cake was decorated with the words “91 Never Looked This Good” and “Happy 91st Birthday Margie.”

Epoch Times Photo
Margaret Jones celebrated her 91st birthday in her room at The Kensington Redondo Beach on April 7, 2020. (Photo by Cristal Chavez/Courtesy of Lucy Cavazos)
Epoch Times Photo
Margaret Jones eats her 91st birthday cake at The Kensington Redondo Beach on April 7, 2020. (Photo by Cristal Chavez/Courtesy of Lucy Cavazos)

“Last year we were able to have a birthday party with 25 of her closest friends,” said Cavazos.

After it is safe to go out again, she will consider throwing a late birthday party for her friend.

Cavazos said Jones would walk down to the beach when she was in the mood. Now that she’s cooped up at the facility, she does other activities indoors.

“They do exercise, they color, she reads the paper. They keep them really busy and occupied, so that helps with missing your loved ones or that anxiety of not being able to visit,” she said.

The facility will keep the lift for a month, and visitors can make appointments to borrow it.

Cavazos said she will check in again after a week to see when the lift will be available to raise her up again.