Pan Blue Alliance Warned Not to Hold Memorial for Xinhai Revolution

By Gu Qinger & Li Shiying, Epoch Times Staff
October 9, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: October 9, 2006 12:00 am

The Pan-Blue Alliance members in mainland China originally planned to hold an Internet friends gathering in Wuhan City to memorialize the 95th anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution [1]. Many members wanted to go to Wuhan to participate. However, Pan-Blue members in different areas have all received warnings from national security personnel to “not participate” the event. Sun Buer, director of the Pan-Blue Alliance was also warned “not to hold” the event. His home and cell phones were cut off by the authorities.

According to the mainland Pan-Blue Alliance website news, Taiwanese Pan-Blue Alliance members have already accepted the invitation and planned to participate in the memorial activities held by the authorities. Sun Buer urges Taiwanese Pan-Blue Alliance members not to come as the human rights situation in mainland China has not improved, and they should not stand together with assassins who seek to slaughter democracy and freedom while memorializing the Xinhai Revolution.

Telephone Cut Off By Authorities

Sun Buer said that he pays more than 70 Yuan for his phone service, but it was cut off. He called the telephone company, but was told that they were ordered by the public security bureau to disconnect his line, and that it should be resolved by the public security bureau. The public security bureau has already warned him “not to organize this activity.” Sun refused to follow the order.

Sun said, “Holding the Internet Friends Gathering to Memorialize the 95th Anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution is about peace, democracy and unification. We hope Internet friends from all over China can come to join the meeting. At this moment, my phone is cut off.”

Recently, Henan authorities put Cai Aimin, Lu Fujian and Meng Jianwu under house arrest. Shanxi national security personnel did not want them to come to Wuhan. Members from other areas are taken for a “talk.” Another member's sign-up hotline was also disconnected.

Released from House Arrest To Be House Arrested Again

Cai Aimin, a Henan Pan-Blue member was arrested by local national security personnel for four days because of sending out campaign flyers. He was released on the 29th. However, within 48 hours, Pan-Blue members Lu Fujian, Meng Jianwu, along with Cai Aimin were illegally detained once again. Sun presumes that their arrest was probably related to Taiwanese Pan-Blue members going to Wuhan to memorialize the Xinhai Revolution.

The reporter talked to Meng Jianwu's wife on the phone. She said, “I just learned today that they are detained in the Tongbai police station. It makes me very worried. They will be released after 12 days. They won't allow us to meet with them until their release. He said they were accused of organizing an illegal activity. I am really upset. My son is only three-year-old. I was there to witness him being arrested, they said everything would be fine, but he never returned after being taken away.”

The reporter called the Tongbai police station and asked if Cai, Lu, and Meng were detained there. A public security officer answered, “I am not sure. I don't know anything about this. You can come here to check.”

Sun Buer: Memorial of Xihai Revolution Changes Meaning

It was reported that Wuhan authorities will invite Taiwanese Pan-Blue members to participate in the memorial activities for the Xinhai Revolution. The Wuchang government will also make the memorial a Taiwanese Food Festival to weaken Sun Zhongshan [2]'s spirit.

Sun considers this blasphemy to a martyr. It intentionally ignores the “Three Principles of the People” of the Xinhai Revolution, which advocate freedom, equality and love. According to sun, ironically, on one hand, the authorities invite Taiwanese Pan-Blue members, while on the other hand they arrest mainland Chinese Pan-Blue Alliance members. It distorts the spirit of Sun Zhongshan, thus making this memorial meaningless.

Last year, the CCP officially held the 60th Anniversary of the Anti-Japanese War and invited Pan-Blue head Hao Bocun to go to Beijing. Hao publicly refused. At that time, the CCP claimed Hao couldn't participate due to heath problems. Hao snapped back, “It is the CCP that has distorted the history of the Anti-Japanese War which makes me not want to come, it's not about health problems.”

Xinhai and the “Double Ten” [3] memorial activities can reveal how much truth there is in history and make a connection to the Taiwanese Pan-Blue Alliance. This has been highly questioned by the Chinese Pan-Blue Alliance.

Sun pointed out they hope Taiwan's Kuomintang, the New Party and The People First Party will not come as mainland China's human rights situation has not improved. He emphasized, “If you want to memorialize the Xinhai Revolution, you cannot stand beside an assassin who kills freedom and democracy. The CCP is now trying to suppress other groups of people who believe in the 'The Three Principle of People.'”

Sun said that the Kuomintang should feel ashamed to memorialize the Xinhai Revolution with the CCP on the same stage.


[1] The Xinhai Revolution or Hsinhai Revolution, also known as the 1911 Revolution or the Chinese Revolution, was a republican revolution which overthrew China's ruling Qing Dynasty. In the Lunar Calendar, the year of 1911AD is called year of “Xinhai”. So the revolution that occurred in 1911 is called The Xinhai Revolution.

[2] Sun Zhongshan is the leader of the Xinhai Revolution

[3] The Double Ten Festival celebrates the founding of the Republic of China that was founded on Oct. 10, 1911.