Pam Oliver Hair, Married: Husband ‘Cautioned’ Her About Getting Released

 Pam Oliver, the longtime Fox sideline reporter, will reportedly get replaced by Erin Andrews.

Sports Illustrated that Oliver, whose hair and appearance often times the subject of jokes, won’t be part of the team. The publication reported she’ll move to the No. 2 team.

According to the New York Daily News, Oliver’s contract was going to expire. The report says she knew that days before the last Super Bowl, she knew the game would be the last working with No. 1 Fox team that includes Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

Oliver’s husband “cautioned” her, she said at the time.

“Look the fact Sunday could be my last game for Fox has entered my mind. I’m a realist” she said at the time. “My husband cautioned me, admonished me really, not to treat this as a farewell tour.”

She added: “To go from the lead crew to no crew was a little shocking. I said I wanted to do a 20th year [on the sidelines]. I expressed to them that I was not done and had something to offer. Again, I think it was predetermined coming in. Not at that meeting, but two years ago it was determined that no matter what I did or did not do, a change would be made for this year.”

She’s also 53 years old, while Andrews is only 36

“I live in the real world and I know that television tends to get younger and where women are concerned,” she continued. “Just turn on your TV. It’s everywhere. And I’m not saying these younger girls don’t deserve a chance. I know I’ve had my turn.”

Fox Sports president Eric Shanks and executive vice president of production John Entz told that they spoke with Oliver about the situation, stressing that they did not want to remove Oliver but wanted to switch her role in Fox Sports.

“That was a private conversation and where it ended up we think was a great place that it ended up,” Shanks said. “We sat with Pam and talked through what we needed each other to do to maximize the impact Pam could have. Where it ended up is more important than where it started.”

She signed a new multi-year contract with Fox Sports a week ago.