Ozzy Osbourne Reportedly Went Missing for 2 Days Weeks Before Split with Wife: Report

May 18, 2016 Updated: May 18, 2016

Ozzy Osbourne apparently went missing weeks before he and wife, Sharon Osbourne, separated this month.

The Black Sabbath singer disappeared in late April before Sharon and his family learned of his alleged infidelity. “Sharon thought he had gone on a walk and had some kind of medical emergency,” a source told Us Weekly.

The unexpected move left his wife and children paranoid that something was amiss.

The heavy metal icon came back home two days later but didn’t say where he had been.

“Ozzy wouldn’t come clean about where he was,” the source told the publication. “They are extremely confused and desperate for more information.”

Ozzy had long struggled with drug abuse and alcoholism. In 2013, he admitted to having used drugs after being sober for years.

Ozzy and Sharon separated earlier this month after 33 years of marriage. Sharon skipped one episode of her chat show, “The Talk,” on May 9. Meanwhile, Ozzy sent a statement to E! News saying that he hadn’t relapsed after being sober for nearly four years.

“I’m doing great. I really, really am,” Sharon said on her talk show, via the NY Daily News. “I just need time to think: What do I really want for the rest of my life?” she said later. “Because this is like getting to the last chapter of this book. And I really need to think very carefully about where I want to go.”

Sharon, who is still the manager of Black Sabbath, reunited in public with Ozzy last week at the Los Angeles Palladium for a professional event.