Overworked Chinese Man’s Pupil Turns Heart-Shaped and Becomes Inflamed

March 17, 2016 Updated: March 18, 2016

Zhou Cheng, the assumed name of a man in Wuhan, central China, noticed his pupil taking on a heart-like shape following a week of intense overtime work and sleepless nights.

Zhou, who works at a trading company, became cognizant of the condition on March 14, which incidentally happens to be White Day, an Asian follow-up to Valentine’s Day, according to a report by Wuhan Evening News.

His girlfriend initially joked that he had given her a most romantic gift, but the ailment is serious. A doctor at the Ai’er hospital in Wuhan diagnosed Zhou’s eye and found it to suffer from hemorrhaging and inflammation. Abnormal adhesion in his eye caused his pupil to become misshapen.

Zhou’s condition was exacerbated by a malfunctioning immune system. His vision is blurred.

“Our patients have all kinds of different shapes after adhesion of the pupils,” said Yan Jing, deputy chief of Ai’er Hospital’s eye care department. “There were even petal and crescent moon shapes.”

An eye affected with the syndrome. (WeChat)
An eye affected with the syndrome. (WeChat)