Over 80 Percent of Mainland Chinese Concerned About Drinking Water Quality

September 21, 2007 Updated: September 21, 2007

TAIPEI—Last week, the Social Survey Center of “China Youth Daily” and QQ. com News Information Center released the results of a joint survey. The survey showed that 97.2 percent of the participants think that China has extremely polluted water, 68.4 percent think the pollution is quite serious, 89.6 percent believe that water quality is worse than it was in the past, 62.9 percent think it is much worse than in the past, and 83.7 percent question the quality of the water they drink.

A public opinion survey from the Standing Committee of the Chinese National People's Congress, entitled “Regulations on the Prevention and Control of Water Pollution” showed that 75.8 percent of respondents think that the fines for violating the law should be increased, 75 percent think that the government should beef up the enforcement of the law, and 67.5 percent think public participation would improve the situation.