Over 30,000 Students Died in Wenchuan Earthquake

April 24, 2009 1:59 am Last Updated: October 1, 2015 9:52 pm
Survivors of Wenchuan Quake cry over the loss of their families. (Getty Images)
Survivors of Wenchuan Quake cry over the loss of their families. (Getty Images)

May 12 marks the anniversary of the 7.9 magnitude Wenchuan Earthquake. To this day, the number of students who died remains veiled. The number released by the Chinese regime is obviously not reliable. Members of the “Ba-Shu United League” in Los Angles recently released the results of their own investigation: "…the death toll of students exceeded 30,000, and overall the death toll is about 300,000." A Radio Free Asia (RFA) report confirmed that this figure is from the “Ba-Shu United League.” RFA is not able to confirm the number independently.

Mr. Fuhu, a member of the “Ba-Shu United League” announced the numbers in an interview during a rally for Chinese people, which was held recently in Los Angles. He said, “Per our estimation, the [total] death toll would be around 300,000 and the number of students killed is over 30,000 including a few pre-school children.”

This number greatly exceeds the number reported by the Chinese regime that cited 6,376 students died, 1,274 were unaccounted for, and 1,107 remain buried in the rubble of school buildings. The official student total was only 8,757. The total official death toll for the earthquake was 87,150.

If this is the case, where did the Ba-Shu United League obtain its numbers? Mr. Fuhu said, “Our league has a youth league. When the earthquake occurred, the students from colleges, technical schools, and some from high schools all went into to the disaster zone and collected the data. Of course, the statistics are not 100% accurate, but they are within a 5% error factor.

Mr. Fuhu pointed out that one actually does not need statistics. Anyone can figure out the death toll is higher than the number reported by the Chinese government with their eyes closed. He said, “There are 5,000 collapsed schools, and every school has an average of 10 classrooms. There should be 50,000 classrooms. If 10 students died from each classroom, the number should be 500,000.”

Mr. Fuhu said, “The government can provide the most accurate numbers. However, because the officials of the Chinese government are so corrupted, in order to cover-up the amount of money stolen from the educational system and the crime of constructing 'soybean dreg' school buildings, they hide the truth. The number of actual victims due to the earthquake is probably much higher than the figure provided by the Bashu United League.” He continued, “We want to publish the figure before May 12. I hope that the media will help the poor people from Sichuan Province to uphold justice. I also hope that kindhearted people all over the world will lend a helping hand to help us.”

The Bashu United League is an organization of people from Sichuan Province in China and abroad. Its main purpose is to call on people from Sichuan to get out from under the Chinese Communist Party's control. Mr. Fuhu was previously an entrepreneur in China. He has been persecuted and forced to live outside of China because his wife practices Falun Gong.

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