Over 30 Jiaotong University Alumni Withdraw from the Communist Party and League

By Epoch Times Staff
Epoch Times Staff
Epoch Times Staff
April 10, 2005 Updated: August 23, 2015

The public announcements of withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and League published on the special The Epoch Times website have already exceeded 700,000. Despite the CCP’s tight blockage of information into and out of China, through various means, the number of people withdrawing is 15,000-20,000 a day right now.

Recently, The Epoch Times “Withdraw From the CCP” website has received announcements from the alumni of over 30 well-known universities including Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, etc. of their withdrawals from the CCP. The announcements contain pictures, text, recordings, etc. Before this, the alumni from over 100 universities such as Beijing University, Qinghua University, the China Science and Technology University, Fudan University, etc. also made statements of withdrawal from the CCP/League in succession.

The following is an extract of the withdrawal announcements made by the alumni of Jiaotong University:

With an M.Sc. from the Shanghai Jiaotong University in Applied Chemistry, and a Ph.D. from a U.S. university, Dong Hai said in the withdrawal statement: “I sat down and pondered calmly over these last few days, and have come to the realization that the ghastly spirit of the CCP had controlled the Chinese people to the point of all-inclusiveness and all-pervasiveness. It is exactly because of this that I didn’t even realize that the control and the brainwashing were occurring.”

Dong Hai said, “I thought that even people like me, who are not the least bit interested in politics, have been dragged into the CCP League, the CCP group, and that few Chinese could possibly escape from it. Thanks to the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, I am now able to clearly recognize this ghostly spirit of the CCP. Therefore I want to withdraw from the League, to withdraw from the Chinese Young Pioneers, to be a clear-headed and conscientious Chinese national, and to rediscover the roots of our nation.”

After graduating from the North Jiaotong University Economics Department in 1985 with a Master’s degree, Liu Lanlan, now living in Canada, said, “After the Economic Reform, although the CCP had changed the way it treats people on the surface, its evil essence has not changed. After reading the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, I felt very lucky that I had not applied for a CCP membership. I also felt nauseated for having been a member of a peripheral organization. Now I solemnly declare, I am determined to withdraw from the CCP and its other organizations; the Chinese Young Pioneers and the Communist Youth League.”

He graduated from Southwest Jiaotong University in 1982 with a B.Sc. degree, and obtained an M.Sc. and a Ph.D. while studying in the United States. Ma Youzhi said, “The Jiaotong University alumni, after decades of being brainwashed by the CCP and under its despotic Rule by Violence failed to undertake what the top intellectuals should shoulder in the nation. The insights from the ‘Nine Commentaries On the Communist Party’ enabled us to awaken, which is the first step towards regaining the Chinese traditional righteousness and breaking away from the CCP. The Chinese nation without the CCP but with the diligent efforts of the Chinese people is certain to be a free and just society thriving China.”

A graduate of the Xi’an Jiaotong University class of ’93 (in Biomedical Engineering), and with an M.Sc. degree from the U.S., Wu Honglan said, “The rationality of living in a free country made me re-evaluate my life in China, and reading The Epoch Times ‘Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party’ made me truly see the falsehood and ridiculousness of the CCP’s essence — because most of us have been fooled by the lies of the CCP for over half a century, and lived under its threat and control, the lies penetrated into our bones, and caused us to think from the angle of its evil spirit, or even allowed it to replace our thoughts. Although I stopped believing in the CCP long ago, I still feel it necessary to officially announce, that I withdraw from the Chinese Young Pioneers, withdraw from the Communist Youth League, and I thoroughly separate myself from all the CCP’s stupidity and absurdity.”

Epoch Times Staff
Epoch Times Staff