Outrage as Primary School Bans Teachers From Calling Children Boys and Girls

By Venus Upadhayaya, Epoch Times
May 3, 2019 Updated: May 3, 2019

A primary school in the United Kingdom has banned teachers from calling children boys and girls. The move has outraged parents who are calling it “indoctrination.”

Leigh North Primary in Leigh, Essex, has instructed its teachers to use gender-neutral terms to prevent bullying of gender-confused students in the classrooms, reported The Sun.

The move has outraged some parents. A letter shared with locals by a concerned parent described it as “indoctrination.”

It's sparked total outrage.

Posted by The Sun on Thursday, May 2, 2019

“This removes every child at the school’s gender and causes confusion in children who otherwise would be perfectly happy,” the parent wrote in the letter.

“Where will it lead? Mixed-sex toilets? Mixed changing areas—which is indecent?”

The head of the primary school, Ant Hautler admitted that the letter had an impact. “The letter has been spread around and has angered the community,” she said.

The regional school council, however, defended the school’s move and described it as a part of the school’s gender education program.

The outrage was visible in the comments to the story on social media and has received over 2,500 comments.

“I have 2 boys… Yes, boys. Both played with dolls and pram, both like gymnastics, both wear whatever color they wish, we have red, blue, pink, green and yellow tops that they both wear. They know mummy is a girl and daddy also a boy … ,” Heather Worswick commented on the story on The Sun’s Facebook page.

Another user asked if children would stop calling their teachers “sir” and “miss.”

“Are the children to stop calling the teachers ‘sir’ and ‘miss?’ Where will this all end? Well, I for one have 3 girls, that’s it end of. 3 beautiful daughters,” wrote Mandy Lilburn.

Another person said the move will breed confusion. “I’d investigate those behind the ban. Remember that a confused child is a child that’s easy to groom. I’d question any teacher or those in a position of care for kids that are buying into and promoting this nonsense,” wrote Mickey Edwards.

A mother, Alana Elliott said that she’s a mother to a boy and he’ll be called only a boy.

“This needs to stop right now, 99.99% of pupils shouldn’t suffer because the parents of the 0.01% want to force ideas into kids heads,” wrote another user, Darren Jenkins.

Another user said that adults should instead focus on the education of children. “This generation is going to grow up a right mess! Adults need to grow up and concentrate on education and stop confusing them,” said Pamela Wilson.

“What about all the kids that are not confused and know who they are, who are happy with who they are?? Society is going crazy over this. There’s no wonder kids are so confused these days!!” another user, Holly Holland wrote in the comments.

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