OSU Fan With Boyfriend, Not ‘Sidepiece,’ in Viral Vine Video: Friends

January 2, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

A viral Vine video allegedly showing an Ohio State University fan with her “sidepiece” actually shows her with her boyfriend, friends say.

The video, a snippet of ESPN’s live broadcast, started circulating widely, with many bloggers and reporters claiming that the girl’s actions indicated that she was with a guy who was not her boyfriend.

But now her friends have come forward to defend the student, who has been named as Kaleigh.

“I think it’s her boyfriend!!” said one Facebook user, who said that the girl is a friend of hers. “She’s such a sweet girl.” 

Another Facebook status was made public by Gawker, showing a girl sharing the video. “My cousin with her boyfriend made their tv day-view as well as on the vine!” the girl said.

The reason behind the girl withdrawing her hand from the guy in an awkward manner is still unclear, but some fans suggested it was because OSU had a bad play and the fans were stunned and not sure quite what to do.

Friends also went to Reddit to post about the girl.

“Shes just there with her current boyfriend watching football. This video was taken after Alabama scored a touchdown so they were down in the dumps. Shes just drifting off into lala land i suppose. No real story behind it,” said one..

“I can tell you that shes extremely overwhelmed this morning. As this video is everywhere right now.”

However, despite the new information, some feel that the original assertions were correct. 

“I’d say it was my boyfriend too if I got busted cheating on national TV. It’s better to just ruin one relationship than them both,” said one.

“Pfsh, they’re just covering for their friend. Sisters before misters,” said another.

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