Orphan Black Season 3 Renewal: BBC Show Will Likely Be Renewed; What to Expect

Orphan Black on BBC America will likely be renewed, not canceled, after a strong season 2.

The show also airs on Space in Canada.

Neither network has officially announced a renewal but viewing figures for season 2 were pretty good–and, perhaps more importantly, the show is a huge critical success, garnering nominations for numerous awards.

The producers and show creator Graeme Manson have already hinted at season 3.

Manson told TVLine a while ago, for instance, that there was a plan for seasons 2 and 3, and a big picture plan. “We know where it’s going, and we have a lot of the answers. It’s just a matter of where those answers fall. They’re more like tentpoles along the way, and we have some big Season 2 [and] 3 ideas,” he said.

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Manson told Buzzy Mag more about the team’s big picture.

“Well, we conceived of a three-season arc, but we believe that that end point either elastic enough to push down the road or maybe do that and then reboot the show in another way,” he said. 

He also addressed the issue of how many clones there will turn out to be.

“The number of clones–we haven’t said how many are out there, so part of the wonderful process of this is when John and I are coming up with new ideas and pushing the story forward, and who can we meet without exhausting the concept. You know, it’s not a clone of the week show. Obviously, we take a lot of care and time with developing our clones, and the first thing we do is, we go to Tatiana and we begin really involved conversations about the character coming up,” he said.

“For instance, last season we went to Tatiana in about Episode Six or Five to say, ‘So, we’ve got this Rachel Duncan character’ to give Tatiana enough time to prepare, and then it’s become a really great process when we work on these characters together.”

Hanson said that Kira won’t turn out to be a clone, although she could be cloned at some point.

Also, Entertainment Weekly asked executive producer John Fawcett a while back whether he’s planning to pull another Helena in Season 3 and have Dr. Leekie turn out to still be alive, to which he said:

“I don’t know, dude. That was clearly a bullet in the dead. That was, like, brains on the window. That one’s hard to fake.”


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