Orphan Black Season 2: All the Spoilers Out so Far (+Premiere Air Date, Trailer)

January 29, 2014 Updated: January 29, 2014

Orphan Black is returning for season 2 on BBC America and Space on April 19, 2014 and spoilers have been coming out.

Let’s take a look at all of them out so far:

-Season 2 begins with Sarah on the run.

Sarah is frantically searching for her missing daughter Kira, according to BBC America. “Paul, what is going on? Did Rachel take my family?” Sarah yells into her clone phone. That launches a season-long power struggle between Sarah and Rachel.

-Cosima is in trouble

Cosima, who in the first season faced a mysterious illness, is still facing her mortality.“It’s hard because she’s my favorite clone,” creator Graeme Manson said at a recent panel. “We’re putting her in this really heartbreaking position.” That includes getting closer to the Dyad Institute.

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(BBC America)

-Cosima’s relationship with Delphine will continue

“That Cosima-and-Delphine relationship is as complex as ever,” Manson told TVGuide. “It stays romantic and stays scientific, but there’s a lot of gamesmanship going on.”

-Alison is in for some “explosions”

The secret Alison is keeping about Aynsley’s death will “eat at her in an interesting way,” said Tatiana Maslany at the panel. “She’s got some explosions coming up.”

-Felix will be featured more

 “In Season One, Felix was very much an integral cog in the mystery in the inception of the story and Sarah’s journey,” said Jordan Gavaris at the panel. “Season two helps establish him outside of the clones and as an individual.” On the other hand, Felix’s relationship with Sarah is going to be tested.

-All clones will be explored more.

“What was exciting about Season 2 is we flesh out the world of each of the clones,” Maslany told the LA Times.

-No new characters “with their own clone problems” will be introduced.

“It’s not like we haven’t thought of that. But it’s not territory we’re treading in the near future,” Manson said. “We still have a long ways to go with all of these characters. We’d like to keep on exploring this as long as we don’t exhaust that.”

-However, three new characters have been confirmed.

Cal Morrison, a rugged and resourceful outdoorsman, has a sixth sense about people and situations, and he crosses paths with the clones (Michael Huisman); Henrik “Hank” Johanssen will be a modern-day cowboy that leads a flock of followers that have broken away from the old world “Prolethean” brotherhood (Peter Outerbridge); and Mark, a cunning predator with a dark edge who is devoted to Johanssen, who took him in and built him into a true beliver, and who is a dogged pursuer of the clones, reported TVLine.

-The title of episode 1 of season 2 is “Nature Under Constraint And Vexed,” according to the Huffington Post. “While all of the titles in season 1 were from Charles Darwin’s “On The Origin of Species,” all of the titles in season 2 will be from the works of Sir Francis Bacon. This first title is from Bacon’s “Plan Of The Work.”

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