Orlando Shooter’s Father Denounces ISIS, Terrorism in YouTube, Facebook Videos

June 12, 2016 Updated: October 5, 2018

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Seddique Mateen is the father of Omar Mateen, the man who killed over 50 people in a mass shooting at a Florida nightclub on June 12.

Seddique said he was shocked at learning what his son did. “We are saying we are apologizing for the whole incident. … We are in shock like the whole country,” Seddique said.

On his YouTube channel, the father repeatedly denounces ISIS and terrorism, and expresses other political views.

Reviewing the last four videos on his YouTube channel (about one year old), Seddique mostly speaks calmly about his political views.

He’s critical of Pakistan, the Afghan government, Iran, and ISIS. He seems to promote the idea of Afghan people running their country independently and without outside interference.

The review of the videos hasn’t uncovered any statements supportive of terrorism or violence.

On the contrary, in his last Facebook video he calls the leader of ISIS evil and a murderer.

The video was posted June 12, around 2 a.m., about the same time his son opened fire at the Pulse night club and called 911 pledging allegiance to ISIS.

The Washington Post quoted Seddique from one of his videos, where he seems to be supportive of the Taliban.

Epoch Times hasn’t found the statement in question and a review of Seddique’s latest last videos haven’t shown any statements supportive of Taliban.

His Facebook page is called “Provisional Government of Afghanistan -Seddique Mateen.” He wears a military uniform in his videos and appears to be attempting to come across as a leader of the Afghan people.

It is not clear if Seddique genuinely considers himself a representative of Afghan people, or if the channel is a form of protest against the current Afghan government.

His last YouTube video indicates a wish to run for Afghan president.

Since the mass shooting, Seddique’s YouTube channel has been receiving negative comments.

Visit here for full coverage of the Orlando mass shooting.

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