Carmen Sandiego and Oregon Trail Coming to Facebook in February

January 27, 2011 Updated: January 28, 2011

Oregon Trail, the kids’ historical computer game that taught millions of seventh graders what dysentery is, will be on Facebook along with Carmen Sandiego.

Oregon Trail and Carmen Sandiego will come to Facebook on Feb. 2, possibly rekindling memories of wasting dozens of hours in the middle school computer lab.

Oregon Trial, throughout its various incarnations, puts the user in the shoes of a 19th century settle group that has to travel westward and deal with challenges like dysentery (probably the number one cause of death the in the game), fording a river, and shooting buffalo that seem to die easier than chickens.

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, on the other hand, puts the users in the shoes of a sleuth trying to capture Carmen Sandiego and her henchmen.

Whether or not these games actually have any educational value is up for debate but they sure were fun time wasters in their day.

The games will be brought to the world’s number one social networking site by developer Blue Fang and publisher the Learning Company.

“We have been working round-the-clock on development and are very excited to have these titles launch for the first time on this platform!” Blue Fang wrote on Wednesday.