‘Orange is the New Black’ Star Natasha Lyonne Signed to New Amy Poehler Comedy

January 19, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

“Orange is the New Black” star Natasha Lyonne has been signed to a new deal, slated to star in new Amy Poehler comedy “Old Soul.”

Poehler signed a three-year deal with NBC and Universal on Sunday.

Part of the deal is the comedy co-created by her.

Lyonne, who plays “Natasha Lyonne” in “Orange is the New Black,” will be a young woman who’s trying to find herself.

At the same time, the woman is working as the aide to a group of opinionated elderly people.

This show, hopefully, will blow up some of the cliches we think about old people,” NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt told Deadline. “It’s been a while since The Golden Girls gave us a funny and insightful ensemble of seniors, and I hope this show will do that too.” 

He said he wants to represent seniors on television.

“There’s great actors available to play roles like this.We spend a lot of time looking for 20‑ and 30‑somethings and not that much time looking for 60‑somethings. So we just thought it was a different way to go with a comedy landscape that starts to feel very familiar and homogeneous.”

Poehler created the script with Jonathan Fener and Josh Bycel.

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