Orange Is the New Black Season 3: Jason Biggs Jokes That Larry Will be New Main Character

Orange Is the New Black season 3 is currently in production, and one actor has an idea for the season and beyond.

Jason Biggs portrays Larry Smith, whom he sat down with for an interview.

The pair discussed a wide range of topics. Smith at one point asked Biggs how long he thinks Orange Is the New Black will go on for.

“Let’s think about it realistically. In terms of the way they have spaced it out so far, the first season took place over a few months. And I think the same for this season; maybe less time, actually, in Season 2,” he said.

“So maybe this is like a month or two. The truth is, they could stretch this thing for a long time. And they could even switch the protagonist. Jenji’s not afraid to do it. And the diversity of the cast is part of the reason the show is such a big hit.”

Smith remarked: “The Larry spin-off is going to be awesome.”

Biggs added: “It’s going to be amazing.”

Biggs is expected to be back for season 3. The interview was published on Medium.

In other OITNB news, Matt McGorry says that he’ll be back for season 3 as well, despite starring in ABC’s new drama How to Get Away With Murder.

“Generally speaking, I get to be present in both shows, which is sort of amazing,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

“I am allowed to do both, which is incredible and I think ABC giving me permission to do that is really quite wonderful … It’s too early to tell how it’s going to work, but same way as Pablo Schreiber in season two, you can shoot things out of order. Thankfully, I get to do both.”

McGorry also referred to the rumor that OITNB was being canceled. The rumor was started by a satire news website.

“I was actually in a taxi and I heard it on the news and somebody texted me—I couldn’t believe. I kind of had the idea of tweeting something, but I thought it might sound like an [expletive], I was going to say ‘We got nominated for too many Emmys’…I thought it was really funny and it was all based on one article?…People texted me and I wanted to say ‘Really? you really think this could be the case?'”


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