Oral Roberts Memorial Service Attended By Thousands

By Ian Ritz
Ian Ritz
Ian Ritz
December 21, 2009 Updated: December 21, 2009

NEW YORK—Pat Robertson began the memorial service for evangelist Oral Roberts with a prayer that connected thousands of people in attendance and honoring decades of evangelical work by Roberts.

The service was held at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Monday morning. Roberts died at his house in Newport Beach, California on Tuesday Dec. 15th after giving into his ongoing struggle with severe pneumonia. He was 91 years old and survived by his son Richard and daughter Roberta Potts.

Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Coalition, spoke of hope with followers with kind words and by highlighting the many accomplishments in Oral Roberts' career of service for his faith. The crowd also watched a commemorative video which included testimonials from people ranging from former U.S. president George W. Bush to comedian and entertainer Jerry Lewis.

Oral Roberts University President Mark Rutland spoke about Robert’s tuberculosis being healed by a request that was made to God when he was young.

Oral Roberts was an innovative televangelist who broadcast his sermons and healings on television for more than fifty years. Roberts' popular show “A Place For Miracles” has been televised all over the world on cable, satellite, and on the Internet.

Roberts founded Oral Roberts University in 1963 claiming that it was a command to him from God. The university is known for the gigantic praying hands in the front of the complex that are visible for quite a distance throughout Tulsa. Students there are required to make an agreement to abstain from smoking, drinking, and having premarital sex.

Oral Roberts traveled six continents and performed healing rituals for over an estimated 2 million people. He was born into a low income household as a child and his father was a Reverend. Roberts' faith in God carried him into transcending his humble beginnings and he died a multi-millionaire.

Ian Ritz