Options for Investors When Buying Property Overseas

By Offplan World, Offplan World
October 21, 2013 2:08 pm Last Updated: October 21, 2013 2:09 pm

Those with experience in the international property market will often tell you that investing in international property offers substantially better profits. 

However, many property investors are wary of doing business in a country they are unaccustomed to, particularly when it comes to tax and legal issues. 

The suggestion of most skilled international investors seems to be the same; rise above your apprehension and learn to recognize profitable opportunities anywhere they arise.


There are many reasons why Brazil is likely to experience a demand for property. 
The country offers a promising economy, consistently popular holiday destinations and two upcoming major events—the Olympics in 2016 and the World Cup in 2014.


Greek property is understandably a risky investment, but investing there could be very beneficial when the anticipated economic upturn takes place.

Through the duration of Greece’s long economic slump, the average cost of a Greek home has fallen significantly and offers outstanding value for money when compared to the rest of Europe. Specialists have speculated that so long as the country keeps the euro through this year, the market would start to improve.


While the U.S. real estate market has shown steadily disappointing results in recent years, investors acknowledge the country’s potential. After the European housing market crash, plenty of Americans think the property market will, or already has, improved. 
Certain areas have shown significant improvements and the country offers good value for money.

The diversity from state to state means investors have a wide range of property options, from big city apartments to houses by the beach. The buy-to-let market is doing extremely well in wealthier regions. The United States property market is definitely one to watch.


Setting itself apart from the majority of Europe, Sardinia’s property market has recently been seeing improvements. A tourist hotspot, particularly with the older generation, the island offers desirable weather and beautiful scenery. Sardinia is quickly becoming known as a more peaceful substitute for busier French and Spanish resorts and retirees are increasingly choosing to settle on the island. 

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