Oppressed Shenzhen Writer Quits Chinese Communist Party

May 19, 2006 Updated: May 19, 2006

Chinese renowned writer Yanboyuzhe (pen-name) from Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, revealed in an interview with The Epoch Times the continuous harassment by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) he experienced in response to his publishing an article overseas to expose the atrocities of the CCP and printing several copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party last May. During the interview, Yanboyuzhe publicly renounced his membership in the Communist Youth League (CYL) and the Communist Young Pioneers (CYP). He thought the Nine Commentaries was extremely well written and truthfully portrayed the calamities the CCP has brought to the Chinese people and the entire human race from its beginning to the present. He also pointed out that the trend of resignations from the CCP represents the awakening of the Chinese people's conscience and the importance in reestablishing moral values in China.

Yanboyuzhe's birth name is Xiong Zhongjun, but he is also known as Liu Yiming. He is a member of the Independent Chinese Pen Center, a columnist for The Epoch Times and one of the founders of the Shifei Poetry Society. His work can be seen on The Epoch Times , New Century , The Democracy Net (asiademo.org) , China E-Weekly , Boxun , China Affairs , China Spring , Sound of Hope and the AOL Chinese website..

Continual Harassment by the CCP

Yanboyuzhe was detained by Shenzhen City police on May 1, 2005 for disrupting social order. He was subsequently arrested on May 30 by the Procuratorial Agency for “attempting to overthrow state power” by publishing an article exposing the CCP in th overseas media and printing several copies of the Nine Commentaries to give to relatives and friends.

On July 21, his case was dismissed by the police because they deemed the offense and its impact minor. He was released under the guarantee of his relatives, but he still did not obtain complete freedom. He had to report regularly to an official on his state of mind in the form of phone calls and letters. The police threatened Yanboyuzhe's career as a reporter and teacher, and forbade him from writing pieces criticizing the CCP or the government. However, Yanboyuzhe believed these threats to be illegal and resumed his writing. As a result, he was incessantly disturbed by the police and tried to avoid harassment by relocating to Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province in September. Nevertheless, after working there for a month, local police pressured his work place, and he was forced to resign.

On April 5, 2006, Yanboyuzhe was detained and fined by Shenzhen City police using the excuse of examining his temporary residence license. Afterwards, the police illegally forced his landlord to expel him from his apartment. His landlord told him reluctantly that the pressure from officials was too great and that he would no longer be allowed rent his apartments if Yanboyuzhe stayed there.

Yanboyuzhe's proof of release on July 21, 2005. (The Epoch Times)
Yanboyuzhe's proof of release on July 21, 2005. (The Epoch Times)
Yanboyuzhe had to move once again. This time he used a friend's name to rent an apartment. The police, however, eventually tracked him down and used the same tactics to put him out on the streets again. Yanboyuzhe exclaimed, “The Shenzhen police are the culprits behind all the mischief. This shows that they are continuously monitoring us. By forcing me out on the streets and depriving me of the right to life, they are attempting to eliminate dissidents like me.” He said, “They are way out of the line and forcing people to the verge of death. My compositions were written out of conscience and with objectivity to promote freedom and democracy in China. Their treatment of dissidents will bring them to their own graves.”

Yanboyuzhe Quits CYL and CYP

Yanboyuzhe's public resignation statement about quitting Communist Youth League (CYL) and Communist Young Pioneers (CYP) follows:

“I thoroughly recognize the evil nature of the communist party. The CCP does not serve the people sincerely, and it exists only to maintain dictatorship and protect its own benefits. Nowadays, the corruption is very severe within the party. Under the rule of the CCP, the overall moral standard of Chinese society is sliding down at a speed of a thousand miles a day. Therefore, I believe quitting the CCP and its affiliated organizations at this time is a very wise choice, demonstrating a firm determination to be separated from the evil forces. I also hope more people will quit the CCP, CYL, CYP and other related organizations, and draw a clear line between themselves and the CCP.”

Forcefully Having Blood Drawn at the Detention Center

Yanboyuzhe revealed that when he was detained at the First Detention Center of Shenzhen City, his blood was forcefully drawn. He is unclear as to why the detention center did it. He said, “The average prisoners had around 5 ml of blood drawn each time, but prisoners with death penalty had at least 20 ml of blood drawn.”

Yanboyuzhe continued, “People inside the detention center all think there is an issue with the blood-drawing and that it is abnormal. No one, however, knows what the exact purpose is. If it were for a health check, it would not be necessary to draw so much blood, and most criminals already had health checks before being admitted to the detention center.”

“Falun Gong is the Group Undergoing the Severest Persecution”

Yanboyuzhe said he heard at the detention center that many Falun Gong practitioners were imprisoned there. One Falun Gong coordinator named Xu Xian was sentenced to 13 years in 2003, while his wife was sentenced to 3 years.

He said, “Falun Gong practitioners are very determined. They still keep doing the exercises in prison. The prison guards ordered them to write a letter of repentance and told them 'once it is written, you will be released.' Still, the Falun Gong practitioners firmly refused to write anything.”

Yanboyuzhe revealed that many Falun Gong practitioners detained at the First Detention Center of Shenzhen City were moved and separated from other criminals starting last year. It is not known where they are now detained.

Yanboyuzhe believes that “Falun Gong is the weakest group in China, as well as the group undergoing the severest persecution. Falun Gong is treated as the number one enemy by the CCP. The CCP utilized all the media throughout the nation to slander Falun Gong. But based on what I know, Falun Gong practitioners are very nice, very honest, and they never do bad deeds.”

He pointed out, “The worst thing Jiang Zemin ever did was persecute Falun Gong. Many people are misled by the CCP controlled media, but we all need to use our heads to think it over: Falun Gong didn't just appear in 1999–it started many years before–and I have also read many official newspapers reporting that Falun Gong was beneficial to one's health. How come in one night, all the negative news appeared? It is being imposed, twisted and framed. This is the typical maneuvering of the CCP. When it wants to take down a group or groups, the media will move forward first. The media would describe them as very bad to provoke the anger of people throughout the nation. Afterwards, it starts to mobilize widespread suppression.”

The CCP Caused China the Biggest Step Back

Yanboyuzhe pointed out, “On the surface it seems like the economy is now developed, but the beneficiaries are the party members and cadres of the CCP, a very small group of beneficiaries. The common people have not received any benefits, and their standard of living is actually declining. Those workers and farmers who truly work hard can't afford to go to school or see doctors. Doesn't this unfairness clearly illustrate a problem?”

“The CCP's suppression of people with different opinions is to protect the position of its own beneficiaries. When it faces danger of losing power, it might become a little bit more democratic. It's goal, however, is absolutely not for the benefit of the public, but for its own long-term autocratic purposes.

“Before, when I was pursuing my education, the person I respected most was Mao Zedong, and I supported the CCP. After living in society and seeing the reality of life, I gradually came to understand the truth. Even later, like some of my friends, I still had delusions about the CCP's improvement. Now, after all my experiences, I have completely given up my ideals about the party.”