Where’s the Manifesto?

Where’s the Manifesto?
Officials have identified the suspect in Monday's Nashville Christian school shooting incident as 28-year-old Audrey Hale as Nashville Police released surveillance footage, seen above, on March 28, 2023. (Nashville Police Department)
Roger L. Simon

My home city of Nashville has been in a virtual nonstop uproar since the tragic murders of six people, three of them 9-year-old children, at The Covenant School on March 27.

This has been ineffably sad for the families and friends of the victims, who are victims themselves, their grief often overwhelmed in a city, indeed a country, now so politicized that our common humanity seems some distant memory from a long ago Jimmy Stewart movie one sees only at Christmas.

Lost too in all this is any sense of what really happened that March 27 or why it happened.

Distraction reigns. The past few days have been arguably the mother of all distractions when, as reported here at The Epoch Times and virtually everywhere, riots or protests (depending on how you see them) broke out in front of and within the Tennessee State Assembly.

The rioters/protestors were largely high school students, bent on gun control, instigated, at least in part, by three members of the Assembly, two of whom have now been expelled for their behavior.

Unfortunately for the local GOP and Republicans everywhere, the two expelled, deservedly or not, happened to be black, naturally providing a propaganda opportunity for our resident White House “civil rights activist” and ally of former Sen. Robert Byrd (D-N.C.), President Joe Biden, who once informed us that “if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

Meanwhile, the tragic murders are being used inevitably as a battering ram for gun control that has never been shown to work and for red flag laws that can work but not in the way intended.

Which brings me to the missing “manifesto.”

In the immediate aftermath of the murders, the police informed us that the obviously emotionally disturbed shooter was transgendered, something that was confirmed by the video of the killings at the Christian school, which shows the female-by-birth Audrey Hale dressed entirely like a macho terrorist.

Further, they told us that she had left behind documents and a manifesto, explaining her actions.

Then, as if by magic, we heard no more of the word transgendered in any of its forms, from the media or anywhere, nor, almost simultaneously, anything of the manifesto, except that it had been handed to the FBI for review.

Regarding the media, it isn’t just CBS, widely known to have decreed that the word “transgender” should be omitted in coverage of the crime, but almost all of the mainstream media. NPR, recently labeled “state-affiliated” on Twitter, doesn’t mention the word in its recent update on the crime, nor does it apply a pronoun of any sort—male, female, or “they”—when referring to the shooter. This must be a new form of asexual reporting.

As for the FBI, there’s no word so far on when they'll release the manifesto, in original or redacted form.

Sound familiar?

No doubt it does. How long have we been waiting for the FBI to act on the Hunter Biden laptop or even reveal its contents? Do we expect it ever to happen, especially under the current administration?

Obviously not. And amid the consternation over the expelling of the Tennessee assemblymembers, to demand transparency or even to mention the manifesto will invoke a response that one is transphobic.

But no one’s transphobic, just interested in the truth, a truth that has become evanescent for a reason.

Why suddenly has transgenderism broken out everywhere, as if sexual dysphoria were some new version of the measles? Cui bono?

Certainly not the children, many of whom are going through developmental issues that have occurred since time immemorial without medical intervention, yet somehow we’re all still here.

Who’s guiding them to finding their salvation in changing sexes? Toward what end?

Perhaps the manifesto has a clue, and that’s why it’s being hidden from us. Or maybe an abreaction is feared.

It’s worth taking a look, if one hasn’t, at the works of Italian communist Antonio Gramsci, who nearly 100 years ago argued for the “long march through the institutions” that was later adopted by the German activist Rudi Dutschke and others.

Unhappy that the working class was largely ignoring Karl Marx’s admonition to revolt, they chose a more elitist approach to imposing socialism and communism from the top down by taking over the media, entertainment, and education.

Throughout the Western world, they’ve been quite successful in recent years, gaining the adherence of many politicians and government agencies in the process.

The gender dysphoria epidemic is part of this elite desire for control, ultimately abolishing or diminishing the power of the family and empowering the state.

We’ve been seeing the results here in Nashville, where the secondary victims, after the tragic deaths of the three children and their mentors, are actually the many, essentially brainwashed, high school youths who were bused in to demonstrate. They’ve been miseducated by biased and incompetent teachers and led by careerists aping the style of Al Sharpton at his worst.

Did they have any help? Was the FBI involved, agitating the crowds in front of the Tennessee State Assembly as they did, it’s now abundantly clear, on Jan. 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol? Will the manifesto ever be seen in anything close to its original form?

It’s hard to be optimistic.

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