What’s Behind the Nashville Child Murders and the National Transgender Epidemic?

What’s Behind the Nashville Child Murders and the National Transgender Epidemic?
Audrey Hale points a gun inside the Covenant School in Nashville, Tenn., on March 27, 2023. (Nashville Police Department via The Epoch Times)
Roger L. Simon

It isn’t just because I live five minutes from the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, that I wake up during the night fixated on the crazed transgender epidemic, but it doesn’t help.

The image of a young woman dressed for all the world like a Hamas terrorist while gunning down three innocent young children and their caretakers keeps replaying in my head.

That horrific crime is still shrouded in mystery, despite endless protestations from incompetent and largely cowardly public officials and police that all will be revealed soon—in redacted form, of course.

No word that this would include the toxicology report, easily the most important document, because it would tell us what medications, testosterone, and so forth, if any, were coursing through Audrey Hale’s body. That report would be the key to preventing such killings from happenings again, to the extent possible. Yet that’s being hidden.

What gives? What’s creating this delay? Fingers point at the FBI, but why?

There’s something bigger going on here than just what happened in Nashville on March 27—and that certainly was bad enough.

Yes, I understand that there are sensitivities to be protected, particularly of the families of the victims, very much so.

I further understand that the woman’s “manifesto” and other documents are likely filled with outrageous anti-Christian propaganda that will be and should be hard to stomach in a city filled with churches.

Nevertheless, something is going on here of yet greater significance.

Why is it that, in the aftermath of this tragedy, we only have a notorious protest of barely educated high school students in favor of gun control engineered by two self-serving assemblymen named Justin? The two young profiteers were able to work their magic all the way to a White House eager to exploit them.

No, this isn’t about gun control, although opponents of the Second Amendment have jumped in on it.

It’s about something yet more cataclysmic.

The transgender movement’s deepest intention is the death of the family.

Nothing stands in stronger opposition to the growth of American and global communism, whether in traditional or World Economic Forum forms, than the family itself.

When gender becomes endlessly fluid, the family perforce begins to disappear. It becomes meaningless. The state takes over.

Forget the Ten Commandments, especially the part about honoring thy father and mother. Worship the golden calf forever.

That’s the hidden story of the Nashville murders. That’s what’s going on all around us.

Hale was a soldier in this war against the family as we know it. She had many allies, conscious and unconscious, although they would undoubtedly not want to admit it.

We know who they are because they’re the same army that has been making the “march through the institutions” for some time—the academy, entertainment, media, and now, our woke corporations.

Unfortunately, our medical community also has played a large role. In many cases, they’ve obfuscated the true outgrowths—often suicidal—of the transgender movement, almost out of willful blindness. In so doing, they’ve damaged their own reputation, already so wounded from their COVID-19 excesses and government fealty.

The FBI has been utilized in the distortion and suppression of the truth since its formation. It’s the logical enforcement entity to prevent the Nashville event from damaging the metastasizing transgender movement that’s so enamored by progressives.

So if you’re interested in why information about the Nashville murders is being suppressed, look to the larger issue of the war on the family.

In a certain way, as I write this, this seems rather obvious. The transgender epidemic is the latest avatar in the ongoing and disturbingly successful movement to upend our constitutional republic. There will be others, but this is a particularly potent one since it so threatens the way we have lived, in families, virtually from time immemorial.

Our politicians must be awakened to it with more than lip service. Full transparency about the Nashville shootings would be a start.

UPDATE WITH BREAKING NEWS:  Just after I concluded writing the above, the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) announced that it has taken back its previous statements and now won’t release the “manifesto” and other documents, let alone the toxicology report, allegedly because of pending litigation. (This had already been known for some time.)

The Tennessee Star reported:

“‘Covenant investigation update: Due to pending litigation filed this week, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department has been advised by counsel to hold in abeyance the release of records related to the shooting at The Covenant School pending orders or direction of the court,’ MNPD stated in a tweet Wednesday morning.”

And this is supposed to be a red state? Heaven help us.

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