Warning by Ontario’s Dr. Moore of Myocarditis Risk After COVID Shot Comes Too Late

Warning by Ontario’s Dr. Moore of Myocarditis Risk After COVID Shot Comes Too Late
Dr. Kieran Moore, Ontario's chief medical officer of health, speaks at a press conference during the COVID-19 pandemic, at Queen’s Park in Toronto on April 11, 2022. (The Canadian Press/ Nathan Denette)
Rav Arora

On Twitter recently, COVID realists were supporting and cheering the public acknowledgement of vaccine risks in the young by Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Kieran Moore.

“We know there is a risk, a very small risk—1-in-5,000—that may get myocarditis,” Moore said at a news conference on July 13.

Finally, a public health official concedes vaccines carry a significant risk for the young! Not so fast. Most people viewing the clip didn't realize Moore’s news conference was for the mass distribution of the fourth vaccine shot in Ontario. As CP24 reports, “Ontario’s Medical Officer of Health Dr. Kieran Moore announced all fourth dose eligibility would be expanded to everyone 18 and up."

A range of politicians and "medical experts" have exhorted the public to get the fourth dose. Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eileen de Villa recommends everyone eligible should get the latest immunization.

"Keeping up to date with your immunization is the best way to ensure you, your loved ones, and your community are protected from the virus and its variants,” she said. “While the third dose provides good protection of COVID-19, the fourth dose provides even better protection."

By this logic, every new, rushed booster shot will provide "better protection" than the last and therefore everyone should get it. Yet this calculus is not as simple as public health bureaucrats make it out to be. Data across the world paints a complex picture. As Alex Berenson reports on Substack, a new Dutch health report finds the vaccinated population is at higher risk of hospitalization for COVID than the unvaccinated population.

"After seven months, vaccinated people in their 50s and 60s had a 68 percent higher risk of being hospitalized for COVID compared to the unvaccinated. They had a 41 percent higher risk of needing intensive care,” he wrote of the researchers’ findings.

“There was hardly any visible protective effect of the COVID-19 basic vaccination series against hospital and ICU—intensive care—intake,” the researchers wrote, as quoted by Berenson.

Even if such data is anomalous in some respect or ungeneralizable, it suggests that universally recommending more and more booster shots is, at the very least, unwise or experimental.

Ontario's vaccine recommendations have been completely nonsensical throughout the pandemic. Consider the Ministry of Health’s baseless campaign to boost the entire adult and youth population:

"All individuals in Ontario aged ≥12 years of age are recommended to receive a first booster dose after completion of a primary COVID-19 vaccine series,” the ministry said on July 14.

What benefit does a healthy 23-year-old man with prior infection and two vaccine doses have to gain from a third jab? Does Dr. Moore have an answer to this question?

It has taken the second booster dose for Dr. Moore to acknowledge a risk that should have been widely publicized at the start of the primary series. Vaccine myocarditis—as I've written at length in two essays—is a significant and real risk in younger populations, specifically males between the ages of 15 and 30.

Knowledge of the incalculably low risk of COVID-19 in healthy individuals under 30 warranted comprehensive, long-term testing before universal recommendation. Instead, Ontario led the way in locking down the public, masking children, and recommending everyone get a booster with virtually non-existent clinical evidence.

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