Trump Loss Bad for US and Australia

Trump Loss Bad for US and Australia
The White House stands at dusk in Washington on Feb. 5, 2020. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
David Flint

The effort to impeach the U.S. President has grave consequences for Australia, as it will only empower China.

Whether President Trump is found guilty by the Senate of incitement to insurrection is almost as crucial to Australia as it is to the United States.

He is the first real obstacle to world domination by the sinister multibillionaires who control the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), responsible for the deaths of millions.

With little love for Australians or for that matter the ordinary Chinese people, especially Muslims, Uyghurs, Christians, Falun Gong, the free people of Hong Kong and indeed anyone who does not bend the knee to the Party, a world under their control will be a bleak place.

We Australians have long lived in a world in which a friendly and benign dominant power, first the UK and then the United States, has observed the rule of law and honored fundamental natural rights, prevailing over both Nazis and Soviets.

The problem is that the CCP has applied on a grand scale the realism once attributed to Lenin: “Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”

The CCP has lured a greedy American establishment with the wealth that can be made in a country of almost 1.5 billion.

Appropriately then, the House impeachment hearing was worthy of a Stalinist show trial: no investigation and no evidence.

There was no evidence for the simple fact that there is none.

He had specifically called for his supporters to be peaceful. Had he called for the crowd to storm the Capitol, there would not have been a few hundred, there would have been tens of thousands—more than could fit in.

Moreover, the FBI warned the police the day before that a planned invasion was likely, which is consistent with emerging evidence that it was encouraged by some police inviting them in as well as by agents provocateurs. The violent behavior of a few was totally inconsistent with thousands—indeed millions—of supporters in every Trump rally.

Nor is Trump a fool.

An invasion would have blocked the very investigation he craved for, an investigation of the mountains of detailed, verified evidence of fraud some very respected lawyers had assembled, as well as of unconstitutional changes to electoral laws. He wasn’t going to risk that.

As to fraud, Australians with minimal experience in electioneering will understand the core of his case, that his lead only evaporated when scrutineers were tricked into leaving by a claim that counting had to be suspended in several states.

That no judge, including a Supreme Court majority, would actually hear these reflects badly on the independence and/or courage of the American judiciary.

Admittedly, there had been an eight-month reign of terror—looting, burning, torching and 30 deaths over eight months in Democrat-run cities, approved by the Democrats, and lavishly so by the Vice President elect.

So why do Democrats and RINOS (Republicans In Name Only) want a Senate conviction which requires the “concurrence of two-thirds of the Members present?”

If a trial is actually held, it will be when Trump is a private citizen and will thus be of doubtful constitutional validity.

The reason is the elites are terrified of Trump and his support base of over 75 million, so they want him disqualified from standing, and they want this as an example to anybody else who dares try to drain the corrupt Washington swamp. This is, after all, only a continuation of the long campaign to overthrow him through the fiction that he had colluded with the Russians, where they even lied to a special court to wiretap his campaign.

Trump is not one of those politicians who go to the Capitol and are soon multi-millionaires, Joe Biden being a classic example.

And unlike most politicians, Trump spoke in 2016 about real issues that concern rank-and-file Americans; out-of-control illegal immigration; globalism; loss of manufacturing jobs; low wages; going soft on Beijing’s breaches of international law; aggression and brutal breaches of human rights; the manipulation of international trade rules and the currency with the theft of intellectual property; the global warming dogma, which punishes the United States and advantages Communist China; energy dependence on the Middle East; endless wars; the extraordinarily generous deal with the U.S.-hating Iranian mullahs; freeloading allies; declining educational standards; the large number of African-Americans imprisoned for lengthy terms over relatively minor drug offences; and activist judges making the constitution mean what they want it to mean.

The unusual fact is he honored more of his promises than any president, respecting the limits on his office and federalism.

If he is disqualified, the elites will hope there is less chance of the swamp being drained.

The managed decline of the United States will be resumed and a CCP-dominated world more likely, if not inevitable. And Australia will surely suffer.

David Flint, A.M., is an Emeritus Professor of Law and served as chairman of the Australian Press Council and of the Australian Broadcasting Authority.
This article first appeared in The Daily Telegraph.
Views expressed in this article are opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.
David Flint is an emeritus professor of law, known for his leadership of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy and for his tenure as head of the Australian Broadcasting Authority. He is also a former chairman of the Australian Press Council and the World Association of Press Councils.
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