Today’s Racial Turmoil Is Led by Those Who Have Perpetrated Racism

Today’s Racial Turmoil Is Led by Those Who Have Perpetrated Racism
Jeneba Kanu, originally from Sierra Leone, holds a U.S. flag while waiting to become a U.S. citizen, during a naturalization ceremony at George Washington's Mount Vernon in Alexandria, Va., on May 22, 2006. (Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images)
David D. Wallace

Let’s think. Juan Williams has spoken about it in his book “Enough.” Racism is a problem. It’s the racism of perpetual victimhood. It’s the racism of low expectations.

What’s the most educated group of immigrants to the United States? It’s immigrants from Africa.
They achieve one of the highest levels of education and highest incomes of all Americans. It’s amazing that they can achieve such levels of success in such a racist country. Well, that’s because they cultivate the best attributes in themselves. They, as a group, value education; they have seen real poverty and wish to elevate themselves as they realize if they don’t do it for themselves no one can do it for them—unless they want to become dependent upon someone else for their existence.

They arrive without being taught that they’re victims of racism. Instead, they arrive with hope for new opportunities. They’ve not been indoctrinated to feel they’re victims by race hustlers. They just left countries where there’s huge poverty and corruption, and crimes committed by governments against their own people, typically black-majority countries’ citizens, who seek the opportunity to come to the United States.

The left has created and propagated the culture of victimhood. It’s been ingrained into kids. It’s a form of racism by socialists where they pat black children on the head and say it’s OK, you don’t have to get good grades in school, you don’t have to practice forbearance and delayed gratification for long-term goals, and then watch them have babies out of wedlock and not learn to use proper English to communicate, while having a disrespect for authority, disrespect for themselves, and disrespect for parents.

All of these things denigrate one’s self, and collectively, denigrates a generation, and repeatedly will denigrate an entire culture, eventually denigrating an entire society. These are the conclusions of blacks who have risen above the culture of victimhood. It all starts by looking inward, at the guy or girl who’s in the mirror. Speaking of mirrors, each of us has to stop projecting our emotions and subtexts onto others; it’s a tell as to what you actually think of others.

It’s time to destroy the socialist narrative of victimhood and the soft racism of low expectations based on race. It’s time to start loving yourself as a human being that God has made, who’s one of unlimited expectations and unlimited potential.

It’s time to have perseverance and realize that without hard work and sweat and toil, no one gets ahead—regardless of race, color, faith, gender, or ethnicity.

It’s important to love our babies and our children. It’s time to love them enough that boys step up into their roles as men and fathers to lead their families, and not continue to be boys. It’s time to look at the beauty of children, not as a burden but instead as a joy to be embraced, while knowing it takes hard work, and in many cases long hours, to raise them to be good children and to be well-educated and then productive citizens. It’s a simple formula.

Blacks had yearned to be educated during the generations of slavery, to break free from bondage; why has it become so secondary? Why are the school systems in inner cities educating predominantly black children failing incessantly to teach our children the fundamentals of reading, writing, and arithmetic?

It seems that racism in all of its forms is being practiced by those socialists who are looked at as leaders of the black community. Isn’t it about time that the resentment is focused upon those who perpetuate the victimhood mentality and racism of low expectations?

David D. Wallace is a small-business owner from suburban Baltimore, president of the FAIR Energy Foundation, and a former Republican candidate for Congress from the 8th District of Maryland.
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David D. Wallace is a small businessman from suburban Baltimore, president of the FAIR Energy Foundation, and a former Republican candidate for Congress from the 8th District of Maryland.